It has been known for some time now that coworking spaces have been integral for today’s small businesses or entrepreneurs. Many businesses now run off these spaces for a myriad of reasons, mainly due to the fact that these offices are incredibly affordable. Plus, with so many coworking space providers offering custom packages for people to enjoy an ideal office space, the demand is unsurprisingly on the rise.

At the same time, there is more to it than just affordability that has driven up demand for such spaces. Perhaps one of the other bigger reasons these spaces are extremely attractive is the fact that they can network with other people easily – something that business owners and professionals seek.

In this article, we will share with you three benefits of using coworking spaces as networking clubs:

1. They allow professionals to interact with each other

One of the biggest reasons people join networking clubs is to expose themselves to other people with different skills so that they can reach goals and acquire knowledge in the process. 

Coworking spaces act as the perfect networking club, where different professionals come together and interact with one another, allowing them to gain more exposure. At the same time, not only do the facilities in the space help them carry out their work, but they also have access to others around them that could contribute to the growth of their business.

We understand the safety considerations for member contact and have updated our space to reflect our dedication to our member’s safety. CoCoTiv is dedicated to getting Charlotte back to work, safely.

2. They give businesses access to a pool of professionals

Similar to the previous point, businesses know that such places are filled with professionals who continually network with one another. This gives them an opportunity to network with this group of professionals. In other words, they can keep an eye out for highly trained, skilled, and incredibly talented workers to hire for their companies. Furthermore, these spaces have been a breeding ground for entrepreneurs to set up their business quickly, not only for the fact that they have offices but also other workers around them to hire.

In other words, these coworking spaces have become one of the best sources to look for skilled workers, where employers and employees can get together quickly and start working right away.

3. They motivate the mind to encourage creativity

Another reason many professionals prefer to work in coworking spaces as opposed to other places, such as a typical office setting, is that they help to jump-start the creative juices. With so many professionals in one area, it only takes a curious mind to ask questions where others can join in and help not only come up with that new big idea but also help it come to life.

As many of us have discovered lately, working from home presents a creative challenge. So many creative types draw energy from people and public places. We want to welcome that energy and life force back into CoCoTiv.


While coworking spaces have been a solution for affordable offices for many new workers, it has also been a place where professionals can network with other people. From allowing businesses to hire talented workers to professionals expanding their knowledge, coworking spaces have benefited many different industries, and the trend of such spaces popping up left and right is undoubtedly on the rise.

If you are looking to get into a coworking space in Charlotte, book a meeting or request a tour with us today through our website to see how we can help! We look forward to seeing everyone again soon.