The rise of the remote world has paved the way for the future of work—freelancing and work from home. People all over the world are now empowered to become the master of their schedules, with the freedom to drink as many lattes as you want, sleep in, and even answer business calls in your pajamas. You’re simply never late for work, and bathroom breaks are limitless. 

Completely freeing though freelancing may be, the magic of working from home will eventually wane. You’ll soon feel loneliness creeping in, thereby affecting your productivity and motivational levels. 

Thankfully, coworking spaces exist for a reason—they serve as the perfect environment for freelancers and creatives alike. Such spaces allow individuals to enjoy the freedom of time, and yet thrive in a relaxed environment that allows them to interact with various individuals. 

Still need to learn more? Here’s why the coworking life helps freelancers thrive:

Reason #1: Be a part of a social community 

While most people find 9 to 5 jobs fulfilling, nothing quite compares to being the master of your time. Working from home seems like the most perfect alternative, especially since you can do away without the commute. Sipping coffee will be more relaxed, as opposed to simply grabbing one on the go. 

Unfortunately, it’s always best for your mental and creative state to be in a community. Freelancers can easily feel isolated, but working with other like-minded people in a coworking space can help you regain the productivity boost you need. Nothing quite beats a brief conversation as you pour your second cup of coffee.

Reason #2: Boost productivity 

Saving yourself the trouble of commuting to and from work can be ideal, but this can quickly become an exhausting process. Getting things done at home can be incredibly difficult, especially since you can quickly become distracted by noisy neighbors, delivery guys, and even the TV. Everything you’re currently doing gets pushed to the side, with your attention span dwindling as the minutes pass. By the end of the day, you will have accomplished nothing.

With a coworking space to travel to, however you break free from traditional office spaces. At the same time, you’re rid of the social pressures of having to unload the dishwasher, doing the laundry, and other household chores distractions. 

Reason #3: Enjoy a stimulating environment

Although other freelancers thrive in a quiet and isolated environment, others struggle to find the right balance. They need stimulating environments to keep them on their toes, which includes factors such as taking lunch breaks with coworkers, walking around the vicinity for fresh air, and even creating networks. If you find yourself in need of such an environment, a coworking space offers you the chance to grow both personally and professionally.

You’ll be empowered to go out of your comfort zone (your bed and desk) and travel each day to an environment with other people. In turn, you’ll find yourself more motivated to work—all without going through another lazy day in sweatpants.

Coworking Space As The New Norm Of Work Arrangements 

Given how fast the world is changing, it comes as no surprise that the traditional work environment is unraveling. People now want to break free from the molds of 9 to 5 jobs, eager to get their hands on a free schedule that allows them to live a little more. Becoming a freelancer certainly allows you to enjoy just that, but make sure to make the experience better with a coworking space. 

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