Coworking spaces: whether you’ve heard of this term a few times or have quite a bit of experience with actually working in them, there’s no denying the fact that it’s one of the hottest buzz terms to take the modern working world by storm.

The case of coworking

Commonly touted as the modern business solution to growing workspace needs, coworking spaces now provide premium working experiences with lower costs and higher potential for maximization. Generally defined by its standard structure of a collaborative and communal environment with other self-employed and independent professionals, coworking spaces continue to pose a modern solution for modern working problems. 

Once considered as a far-fetched idea at best, coworking spaces are now growing to be one of the most prominent workplace types all over the U.S. According to several forecasts and studies, the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of coworking spaces are bound to have more than half of the U.S workforce take the leap by 2027. Likewise, the biggest sectors that stand to gain from this are freelancers, on-demand professionals, and independent contractors. 

The benefits of switching over to coworking 

As opposed to traditional, “employee-only” office structures, coworking spaces yield a significant number of benefits for every business that has made the switch. If you are based in Charlotte, here are three reasons you should switch over to coworking spaces: 

1. Greater levels of feasibility for low-cost startups

Thanks to the fact that most coworking spaces come in various packages that fit any budget, they have become the most ideal option for any low-cost startup business. Generally speaking, coworking spaces (such as CoCoTiv in Charlotte, NC) are much more feasible for low-cost startups as they follow a “club membership” pricing structure instead of a costly lease.

This makes it much easier if you want to shift locations for any reason. Depending on how flexible your budget is, you can choose from a variety of payment options such as hourly, weekly, or “pay-as-you-go” setups without having to worry about long-term commitments or outrageous upfront costs. 

2. All-inclusive facilities that can service any of your needs

Unlike standard private office spaces that require extra expenses in the form of furniture, utilities, appliances, and cleaning services, coworking spaces have everything that you and your employees will need in the package that you’ve chosen. 

For instance, most, if not all coworking spaces are outfitted with various appliances, such as refrigerators, entertainment centers, and water dispensers that you may need while working. They even have separate activity areas where you can relax and rest. With a few minimal deposits and a contract that has guidelines on usage and responsibility, you can access a wide range of facilities in a coworking space not only to work productively but comfortably as well! 

3. More opportunities for networking and long-term growth

In a coworking space, you’ll be able to meet even more like-minded professionals outside of your business who can prove to be valuable contacts in the long run for your business’s growth. Coworking spaces—aside from being productive places to work in—are also open environments where you can network with other entrepreneurs from various fields whose services you may need and will conversely need what you can offer as well. 

Final words

Long gone are the days of having to spend a fortune on finding a space for your business to grow as coworking spaces now provide cost-friendly opportunities to establish your base and enable your company to scale effectively with lower costs.

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area and are looking for a coworking space that can serve as the perfect environment to cultivate your business’s success, head over to CoCoTiv and check out our packages today