Shared offices versus home offices, the debate rages on. Let’s look at a few reasons why the former is the superior choice.

For many, freelancing appears to be one of the best jobs ever, from the prospect of creating your schedule to working from the comforts of your comfortable sofa. In fact, the ability to work from home is one aspect that draws many to the idea of freelancing. 

For those who have had a taste of working at home, however, they all know too well that it is not precisely what one would have expected to be. Although working from home can be quite convenient, there are plenty of distractions that impede productivity and work quality. 

For these reasons and more, coworking in shared office spaces is becoming a much more reasonable idea for many. Freelancers are still able to create their schedules and work at their own pace, but the environment of such a place promotes productivity and creativity. 

If you are still wondering if you should work at home or work at shared offices, here are some reasons why the latter is the better option:

1. Keeps you from feeling lonely

While some people can work alone and in solitude, unfortunately, not everyone is like that. Many newcomers into the freelancing world have realized this—and while working from home is quite convenient, it can get incredibly lonely. This, in turn, can hurt one’s ability to be productive. 

In coworking spaces, however, this will no longer be an issue! While you are still given the ability to lock yourself away in your own area to work on your tasks, you can head out and interact with others whenever you feel like it. This is the perfect excuse for a break! Aside from that, interacting with others is an excellent way to network! 

2. Fills you with motivation

When you are working from home and see your bed or sofa nearby, your motivation can quickly drain away, causing you to take one too many naps throughout the day. As a result, your productivity takes a hit, and so does your business.

If the idea of working in a traditional office is not to your liking, then the best balance between comfort and motivation would be shared office spaces. There is no boss there shouting at you to keep working, and there are no “comforts of the home” that continually whisper to you to take a break every five minutes. Instead, all you need to get your work done is present, along with your fellow colleagues at work, motivating you to get the job done aptly!

3. Offers a professional workplace 

Sometimes, when you are conducting a business, you need a professional environment to carry it out. For example, a meeting at home with a client might not be an ideal image you want to give out to the people working with you. In other words, your reputation might take a hit if you conduct business from home. While working from home is currently necessary, it’s not sustainable for business, forever. 

In a coworking setting, however, you are given access to professional workplaces, such as meeting rooms with all the equipment you need to carry out your job smoothly. This helps you maintain a positive reputation while still saving you a lot of money from purchasing the things you need to create a home office.


While there is no problem working from home, especially if you set up a proper home office, it is not for everyone. It might just be a little too distracting and too demotivating to work from home that it can hamper your ability to do your job. If you feel that way and need a great place to carry out your business without investing in a commercial property, then going for coworking spaces is the best thing you can do for yourself.

If you’re looking for a reliable coworking space, CoCoTiv provides you everything you need to conduct business—from all-day office access to high-speed internet. If you need shared office spaces in Charlotte, reach out to us today!