Thanks to the advent of the ever-growing sharing economy, today’s younger and more flexible generation of workers have been making the switch to coworking spaces

As a far cry from costly and ineffective traditional office spaces, coworking spaces offer an abundance of benefits that young professionals can financially, mentally, and physically benefit from. With a rare level of demand that continues to increase yearly, coworking spaces are giving young professionals (and even large companies) the motivation to drop the traditional setting and set sail for shared office spaces. This is especially true in a busy city like Charlotte, North Carolina!

While every buzzing city around the world is experiencing the shared office revolution, chances are that you might be thinking, “Why are coworking locations so desirable in the first place?”

Benefits of working in a coworking space

To better understand why shared office spaces have become a hot topic in today’s constantly-evolving business landscape, let’s go over three reasons to make the change today:

1. Employees won’t have to worry about a boss who constantly looks over their shoulder

When it comes to working in shared offices or coworking spaces, fresh transferees will immediately feel strange in the first few weeks of being in their new location. This strange feeling is actually a sense of freedom and relaxation that comes with little supervision. 

When setting up shop in coworking spaces, employees won’t have to worry about bosses looking over their shoulders. As a result, this will benefit their productivity because there’s no added pressure! Without the overwhelming feeling of “limitless” supervision, most employees can work much more efficiently and faster to achieve more output and higher-quality results! 

2. Employees will only have to worry about their output

Every type of company that has made the jump from a regular office to a coworking space has made a noticeable gain in productivity. The reason is that there are fewer distractions that employees have to worry about, so all they’ll need to do is focus on their output! 

As opposed to the standard office setting, employees in coworking spaces won’t have to worry about hierarchical office instructions, office politics, or dress codes because they’re essentially working in an area that’s focused on output. By dressing comfortably, going at their own pace, and interacting with other employees at their own discretion, workers in a shared office are left with an output-based setting. Such a setting puts a greater emphasis on work quality above minute, non-productive details. 

3. Employees will enjoy unlimited breaks in a coworking space

Another reason co-working spaces have been all the rave in recent years is because they offer a safe space where employees can take as many reasonable breaks as they’d like. 

Limited supervision affords young professionals in coworking spaces the freedom to take short breaks after finishing their tasks in chunks so that they can rest their minds for a little. Such practices effectively result in lower rates of burnout and stress! While they may not seem like much at first, these tiny breaks can make a world of difference in how productive coworkers can be, how happy they are with their jobs, and how they overcome challenges! 

Coworking spaces have made a significant impact on the way young professionals work nowadays and how much they can achieve in a given amount of time. By making the switch to coworking spaces, you can put your business at the forefront of productivity and create a much healthier environment for valued employees! 

If you’re in the Charlotte, NC area and are looking to hop on the coworking wave, then get in touch with us right away to check out our plans that can definitely fit your budget and preferences!