There’s no denying that remote working has been on the rise in recent years. As a result, employees are not necessarily confined in an eight-to-five office environment. Freelance workers, employees assigned in multiple sites, working moms, and other individuals employed in a remote location will surely receive the benefits of remote working.

When it comes to remote working, however, one primary concern is the place to work. As much as possible, you want a place that’s conducive to working. Apart from working at home, employees typically have the option to choose between a coworking space and a coffee shop.

In most cases, coworking space is very much preferred over a coffee shop for several reasons. One notable difference is the amenities they provide. Coworking spaces give unlimited coffee and tea, private conference areas, innovative business equipment, and free access to business events, among many others.

That said, below are three main reasons you should choose coworking space over a coffee shop for your remote-working career.

1. A perfect balance between work and life

According to a recent study, 80 percent of coworking space members generally feel happier after they joined a coworking space. This is because most remote workers find it hard to draw the line between work and life. It is all the more challenging for workers who chose to work at home. Juggling between your work tasks and personal responsibilities can sometimes be mixed up.

Although going to a coffee shop to work is an option, it’s undoubtedly different if you choose a coworking space instead. By doing so, you’ll feel as if you’re still working, and your professional life can be distinctly separated from your personal life.

2. Access to professional and technical growth events

One major drawback of working remotely is the lack of professional and technical growth. The chances are that you no longer have officemates or coworkers to deal with, brainstorm with, and learn from each other. As per CEO, founders, and c-suite executives, it’s best to pursue your professional life, no matter where you work.

The benefit of coworking spaces is that they give members access to educational events. In fact, many spaces offer free programming and classes. These events can accelerate your productivity and business scalability even while working remotely.

3. A network of professionals and business leaders

As mentioned above, remote working can be lonely. The mere fact that you no longer have officemates can give you a solitary professional life. Given this setting, the chances are that you may sacrifice your professional network and might get stuck over time.

With a coworking space, you will be greeted with a network of amazing people that flock in one place. You will be surrounded by a diverse group of talented, multi-faceted, and skilled professionals from different industries. As a result, you can learn from each other and share knowledge and skills. Hence, it is a great way to build your professional network.

At this point, you know the importance and benefits of working in a coworking space over a coffee shop. A coffee shop can be a good place as well to work while nursing a cup of coffee, but a coworking space can offer more than that. As outlined above, a coworking space can create a work-life balance, provide access to professional and technical growth events, and serve as a network of business leaders.

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