One unexpected but incredibly popular trend in the Age of the Startup is the coworking space. Many young founders and entrepreneurs in North Carolina have flocked to these shared offices in lieu of renting an office space, primarily because of the compound benefits coworking spaces often offer as part of a package.

If you’re considering a Charlotte-based coworking space for your fledgling business or startup, read on. This article will go over some of the many benefits these spaces provide.

1. It is affordable

Many coworking spaces in North Carolina offer flexible pricing options, packaging everything an office might need in order to operate. This includes the appropriate office furniture and equipment, internet access, coffee, rest spaces, conference rooms, and so on. The wonderful thing about this is that this is all often included in a single fee with flexible terms.

This type of setup eliminates the need of having to furnish a space yourself while your business is still gaining traction.

2. It is flexible

What differentiates a shared office from the traditional office space is that it can be rented for as short a time as a month, a week, or even a few days. Your business or organization will not be tied up into a long contract, giving you the freedom to adjust accordingly, depending on the needs of your business. 

3. It offers great opportunities in networking

You are likely to share your working space with other North Carolina businesses in other industries, giving you the opportunity to make vital connections early on in the life of your business. The people you end up sharing your spaces with can become future collaborators, clients, employees, partners, and so on. 

Suppose you work in different industries. Your multi-discipline setup provides unique learning opportunities that are more valuable in shared spaces. You might end up learning from the collective group of diverse perspectives under one roof. There might be innovations in other industries that are not a common practice in yours. 

4. It can make your business more efficient

While many businesses probably started in garages and at home, there is a reason why these companies left these locations. It is more than just scaling your operations. Working from home or in unofficial spaces tends to be inefficient, as the environment is designed for rest and not for productivity. Moving your operations to a coworking space can give your business the structure it needs to succeed, as the environment is designed to fit your goals. 

Also, what better way to motivate you and your partners than to be around other like-minded individuals trying to carve out a piece of their market by starting from scratch?

In conclusion

One of the most interesting trends in modern commerce is the premium placed on flexibility and convenience. One such way that this has manifested is through the emergence of co-working spaces. As we have discussed throughout this article, there are plenty of benefits and opportunities you can gain when taking your business and moving it into a shared office space.

If you’re looking for a Charlotte-based coworking space to call home, send us at CoCoTiv a message. We have great plans and lots of amenities for startups and new businesses in any industry.