While some opt to set up their podcasting studio right in the comforts of their home, some others do not have that kind of luxury. These people either do not have space or the money to do so. When that’s the case, they need to rent a podcast studio space. If you’re considering going that route, be aware that renting a studio space is the same as renting an apartment—there are considerations you need to make.

Here are four factors to consider to rent the right podcast studio space: 

Service Charges

No matter what facilities you’re renting, you’ll be up for service charges. This is required because basic utilities need to be provided, such as electricity, water, and even the internet. While you might bear all the costs to yourself, you can still consider sharing the expenses, which can help you lighten your financial burden.

That said, always make sure to discuss service charges with the space owner before renting. That way, you’ll be aware of who is responsible for covering the costs and how much. 

Ease of Access

While you might be considering renting a studio on the highest floor solely for the fantastic views, think about your equipment. Hauling equipment any higher than the ground floor is no fun. That said, this might not be too much of a problem if you have plenty of help and are carrying nothing more than your laptop in between sessions.

Also, consider how you’re going to get to the studio. Is it nearby a public transportation spot? Are there parking lots available for your vehicle? Factors like these will make your life a lot easier, too. 

Studio Space

Usually, the bigger the space, the better you can install your sound isolation and acoustic control solutions. Remember, even if a room looks enormous, these systems can easily take up to a quarter of the space. That, in addition to your podcast systems, will eat up a lot of areas, and you do not want to squeeze your way in and out of the studio doing multiple recording sessions in a small studio.

So, do your best to figure out how much space is needed to fit all the equipment you need and still offer ample area to move around the studio. Not only will this make installing new pieces of equipment and the likes easier, but also using the studio much better.

Available Amenities

While you might be looking for studios that offer the best space to fit all your equipment, you’ll still need amenities to ensure that you are comfortable. For example, would you rent a place that has no restrooms? Probably not. 

When you’re looking for a podcast studio space, try and look for one that offers many amenities, such as washrooms, drinking water, and the likes. Also, consider what’s around your rental area, such as pubs, restaurants, and so on. These places can serve as spots where you can take a break or grab lunch.


There are many things to consider when renting a podcast studio space or any other space for that matter. Factors, such as amenities, space, and access, are all vital not only to ensure that you’re working at peak efficiency, but that you’ll have a much easier time doing so. Because of this, put in the effort to look for the best possible studio space for your budget. You’ll be happy to know that your workplace has everything that you need.

 If you’re interested in renting a podcast studio space, or any other type of coworking space in Charlotte, feel free to contact us today. We’ll be happy to help!