The workspace landscape is changing. Many urban centers in various states are encouraging their corporate industries to reopen. However, companies like yours must remain vigilant to ensure that none of your employees catch the coronavirus. Fortunately, there are four practical tips that you can follow to help your company prepare for this so-called new normal.

This article will discuss what you need to do to safely open your office with preventive measures to prevent COVID-19 spread. Take this as an opportunity to reopen business operations safely and keep your employees’ welfare in mind. 

Your office may have already been disinfected and cleaned before your visit, but there may still be susceptible areas where COVID-19 can grow. That’s why you need to do a thorough hazard assessment of your office before reopening operations. You should read up on the Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs made available by the Department of Labor for your perusal. That way, you can identify virus-prone areas and find effective ways to prevent spread. 

It’s also highly recommended to relay information with the various departments concerned your company, like the janitorial department and building maintenance staff. Keep your communications open, and don’t reopen your office until all the recommended checks are made to ensure everyone’s safe return. 

The general rule of thumb for social distancing is to remain six feet apart from each other, meaning you may have to adjust your workspace. For instance, your office may have grown accustomed to a communal work table for all to ensure easy communication and collaboration. However, you need to make changes and adhere to social distancing at all times. Use your office building’s floorplan as a strategic way to map out your new office setup. 

You need to show extra care for employees who either have COVID-19-like symptoms or feel unwell. The former is a danger to your other employees, while the latter may be highly susceptible to catching the virus. That’s why you need to be more understanding of everyone’s health and insist that they stay home. But what about employees who say they aren’t sick enough to stay in bed all day and still want to do work? 

The best solution to keeping vulnerable employees productive is through virtual office services to allow them to connect with your office database and access all the required files needed to work remotely. It ensures that your office’s daily operations don’t fall behind, and you can maintain profitability even amongst challenging workdays. 

You may have a high volume of employees coming into work daily, affecting your adherence to safety guidelines, like social distancing and providing enough good hand hygiene stations. Fortunately, you can let your employees stay in a secure coworking space for their convenience and safety. Doing so allows you to maintain productivity and let co-workers be more accountable for each other—a must-needed corporate wellness resource to boost morale! 


Transitioning into a COVID-19 reality as a company has its challenges, but you can start strong by finding effective ways to keep your workspace safe. All you have to do is remember all the previously mentioned tips and identify with workplace solution partners that can keep your company’s best interest in mind. Prepare your office for your employees today! 

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