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Charlotte Coworking is here to stay. The days of traditional office space are gone. Don’t get sucked into paying for an expensive space that you don’t need, and forget paying for utilities. 

Charlotte Coworking is growing, and CoCotiv is redefining the meaning of the space. 

Charlotte is an MBA City
North Carolina has a love affair with basketball, it’s true. With all due to respect to Michael Jordan and the Hornets, the business culture in Charlotte makes us as much an MBA city as it does an NBA city. The numbers don’t lie- the average full-time MBA grad reported a respectable 46% increase, or $41,000 higher salary, versus their prior job. CoCoTiv’s partnership with Pfeiffer University’s MBA program- which offers a 20% discount to our members- makes us uniquely situated to offer you the chance to grow your business and your business acumen, all under one roof.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better
You don’t run your small business like a large outfit. Your processes and goals aren’t in line with those of companies that employ hundreds of employees, and you just aren’t set up that way. So why should your coworking space be? We aren’t scaling on a bleeding edge, where our space is far outpacing our membership. This is the bleeding edge of coworking spaces. At CoCoTiv, we are driven by a community of small/medium-sized businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Their values are our values and we are proud to share them with our members.

Coworking Near You
Look, we love downtown. There’s no denying it, it’s a great place to be…but, that doesn’t necessarily mean its the best place to work if you are looking for the most convenience and value for Charlotte coworking. CoCoTiv is located in the Montford Park neighborhood of Charlotte, just minutes from downtown itself, South Park / Piedmont Row, Ballantyne, as well as I-77 and I85/I485. We’re nearby, no matter where you are.

How CoCoTiv Sets Ourselves Apart

We offer the most cost-efficient coworking space in town, with spaces up to 45% less than in other buildings*.  CoCoTiv offers safe, secure, and convenient onsite parking at no additional cost. What could your business do with an extra $2,000 a year, per employee?

We are the only coworking space serving the thriving South Park area. Conveniently located within walking distance from Montford Drive and Park Road Shopping Center and just minutes from Selwyn Ave., Piedmont Row, and South Park mall, CoCoTiv is in the heart of the action in one of Charlotte’s most vibrant business districts. Our members are also eligible for tuition discounts to Pfeiffer University (MBA- 20% discount, 40% for veterans). Many of our members cancel their gym memberships for our fitness center included with every membership.

Call us or book a tour online today! We can’t wait to meet you.