The global pandemic has affected how businesses operate and fulfill customers’ demands. For instance, coworking was on the rise before the health crisis, but the need for shared office spaces is currently suffering. Coworking space businesses struggle to provide a safe working environment as they comply with strict social distancing protocols, which significantly impacted the growth of the coworking industry.  

Commercial establishments eventually have started to reopen as the world slowly adjusts to the new normal while following the latest health and safety guidelines. Coworking offices are also expected to be in demand again.

If you are a business owner preparing for the new normal and wanting to use affordable office space, you can join a coworking community and ensure your employee’s safety and health. Here are some ways everyone in your company can stay safe in a coworking space during the pandemic:

Look for an office space that prioritizes cleanliness

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential to mitigate virus spread. Make your transition to the new normal as safe as possible by looking for coworking establishments that prioritize your health and wellbeing. You should also research online and search for spaces that comply with strict health regulations and safety protocols. Opt for those that are proactive in reducing the risk of spreading the virus, such as regular deep cleaning. 

You can also check if they adapt to new floor layout strategies, provide sanitation products, or offer professional sanitation services as part of their package to create a safe environment for businesses. 

Follow all health and safety regulations recommended by the official authorities

Aside from seeking the sanitation services provided by the establishment, don’t forget to bring a bottle of rubbing alcohol or sanitizer with you and wear face masks every time you head to your workspace. Make sure to wash your hands frequently and be cautious when touching high-contact surfaces, such as keyboards, elevator buttons, and door handles.

If you develop any flu-like symptoms, work from home to lessen your contact with people. Don’t take risks even if you have simply caught a common cold. Since coworking spaces have the latest technology to ensure your team stays productive and collaborative, you can still keep in touch with your colleagues while working from home until you can return to your workplace.

Stay informed

Keep everyone updated about the latest official guidelines for health and safety. Communicate with your co-workers about any updates you think they should be aware of to help maintain a virus-free working environment. CoCoTiv is here to help with routine updates on cleaning and safety protocols for all our members and staff. 

Take advantage of digital platforms

Many coworking spaces use several administrative tasks on digital platforms to minimize in-person interactions. Check if you can reserve a room through their online booking system. This way, you are assured that you can use a safe working environment when you need it, even before arriving at the coworking space.


As the lockdown eases, adapting to the new normal is the best way to keep your business afloat. If working from home is not a viable option for you and your colleagues, consider using coworking spaces. Make sure to follow the tips listed above to ensure everyone in your team remains safe and healthy while you strive to achieve your business goals.

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