The downside to working remotely and online is that it is incredibly easy to get distracted instead of remaining focused and driven at work. With this in mind, it should be no surprise that the most incredible context and location for people to work in is coworking spaces. Between choosing to work from home or establishing your own office, the more effective and productive choice is coworking. Read on below to learn six reasons why joining the CoCoTiv family will increase your workplace productivity. 

Boost Productivity

Being in an environment surrounded by others who are working will serve as high motivation to get down to business and work. Here are six ways that being in a coworking space can drastically improve your productivity:

Caffeine Access

Yes, coffee is a major factor in all of this. Most coworking spaces actually offer unlimited coffee as part of their services. For those who may not be into coffee, there are alternatives on deck, such as tea. There are dedicated baristas whose only job is to make sure the coffee is fresh, hot, and endlessdefinitely a booster in itself.

Inspires Creativity 

Besides being motivated to focus and be productive work-wise, being surrounded by fellow coworkers can also serve as an inspiration to thrive. Employees in coworking spaces are given the opportunity to get sound advice, collaborate with others on projects, and talk about consolidated practices. This leads to fresh, indispensable knowledge, and room for growth, and more creativity.

Like-Minded Individuals

Sharing office space with coworkers inadvertently leads to collaborating in a workspace, which creates new connections that can be prosperous. Having the same environmental context with others, or at least one that is largely similar, means that eventually, these new linkages will lead to new perspectives on the job. This could serve as motivation and, possibly, friends or at least companions during lunch breaks.

Networking Opportunities

Instead of dreading the possibility of solitary confinement, being in a coworking space allows for apt socializing. Aside from possibly making new friends, there is also a wealth of new connections that will allow for a wider network. This can lead to collaborations, peer support where necessary, or even new clients altogether. 

Up-To-Date Equipment and Technology

There’s a very good chance a home office is nowhere near as well-equipped as a coworking space, not to mention the presence of a readily available community of entrepreneurs. It is essential in an affordable office space, where there are comfortable chairs, spacious desks, a well-stocked kitchen, and of course, high-speed internet and WiFi.

Work-Life Balance

Working from home blurs the boundaries between one’s casual, more relaxed daily home life and functioning as an employee. This applies whether the person is part of a company, organization, or is a solo entrepreneur. Taking the step to establish a place where daily duties are accomplished, ideally, a coworking space, lets people clearly delineate what is personal and professional. Separating being surrounded by the temptations of a soft bed and having other working folks and a comfortable chair-and-desk can do wonders.


By default, humans evolve and adapt according to the people around them; if the norm is working, encouragement to do so will rise. Basic psychology says as much, and it certainly applies.

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