One major trend that received a major second wind given the global pandemic is working remotely, sometimes also known as “work from home” (WFH). In some cases, a rather specific void has been created, and coworking spaces are able to help in addressing this. It is essentially an office space with a more casual approach. Compared to the typical WFH set up which is largely isolated, you are able to interact with people, get networking going, and have social opportunities made available to you.

With all of that in mind, what gives importance to coworking spaces in the first place? On the grander scale of things, as working conditions and the workforce itself progress, what overall impact does it hold?

While it’s easy to see coworking as a mere avenue for remote workers, there is more to it. Commercial real estate actually benefits greatly from coworking as well. The most important cost of any business is also the most expensive: their workforce. Through coworking, this is now transformed into a readily available service. Balance sheets are then unburdened, and flexibility in the workforce is created through the use of the “space as a service” model.

What are the benefits of coworking?

Employees and companies alike benefit from coworking, especially since a coworking space is basically an affordable office space. Employees are able to work in whatever way works best for them on an individual level, while companies are able to save quite a bit on costs. Other benefits include:

No matter where you are in the world, the traditional workplace gets the chance to be reinvented by coworking. Workers are able to feel secure with the traditional work environment’s stability paired with remote work’s flexibility. The 9-to-5 is slowly becoming less of a normal standard, with people taking shifts and working at all hours of the day. This trend will continue to move away from the established norm. As the working world slowly but surely transitions out of the pandemic era, new acceptable working hours will reveal themselves. 

Flexibility is one of the most crucial parts of work, not just in the remote sense but as a whole. With the coworking setup, companies recognize that quality of work is not compromised no matter how, when, and where the work is done. This very flexibility is afforded by coworking spaces, wherein the workforce is able to adapt to ever-shifting demands. It is important to note that the adaptability of coworking is perfectly suited to handle the unknown landscape of what lies ahead in the professional world. 


Coworking spaces give companies and employees alike multiple benefits. Some of these include being more cost-effective compared to a bigger lease for companies, better networking opportunities for mobile workers, and a wide variety of available spaces depending on your needs. When coworking spaces become part of the equation, companies can invest more in their people instead. This helps companies achieve a more perfect balance both from a business operations standpoint, and a human relations point of view, as well. 

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