The number of freelance workers and startup businesses seems to be increasing every year, and the demand for coworking spaces grows as well. Even though many people are joining communal establishments, many are still unaware of the basic coworking space etiquette you should follow.

People treat coworking spaces as a casual work environment that still focuses on professionalism, and other people are not aware of that. Instead, some people are not considerate about other people who share the same space with them. This can ultimately lead to an unpleasant work environment and some issues to arise. And for this reason, you don’t want to be that person who ruins the whole experience for everyone.

If you’re new to the coworking space game, keep reading. In this article, we’ll share with you things you shouldn’t be doing in coworking spaces. Let’s get to it!

Keeping to yourself

Coworking is a culture that’s built around positive interaction, networking, and collaborating with neighbors. By keeping to yourself and avoiding any connection, you’ll lose a lot of these benefits and opportunities. 

When you interact with other people in your coworking space, you open doors to various career opportunities and collaborations that can strengthen your company’s brand reputation and even create new projects and products. 

Besides that, engaging in professional conversations will help improve your skills and knowledge while building relationships with your neighbors on a personal level.

Not minding your volume

Not being considerate by putting on loud music and watching movies and music videos in a coworking space can tick some of your neighbors and distract them from their work. 

Although some coworking spaces have a strict “quiet area” rule, make sure you mind the volume of your devices and the workspace to spoil the professional atmosphere for others.

Bringing personal issues to work

Like any work environment, you shouldn’t bring your issues to a professional work environment. Although your neighbors may seem warmer and more empathic compared to those in a corporate environment, it’s still a bad idea to bring in personal drama to work. 

This type of negative energy isn’t welcome in any collaborative arena. Consequently, it’s best to leave your drama at the door.

Don’t only join when you have “everything figured out”

One of the significant goals of a coworking space is to provide an area for new creatives to venture out into the world and create innovative products and projects that could change their chosen industry’s face.

Unfortunately, some people think that coworking spaces are only meant for those who have their brand and purpose figured out. If you feel that way, you’re removing all the fun of what coworking spaces are meant for.

Coworking spaces are a goldmine for future partners, referrals, catalytic relationships, and connections. When you’re struggling in silence, it’s best to join a like-minded community where you’ll feel less lonely and learn from each other’s mistakes. 

When you join coworking spaces in the early stages of your business, you’ll feel more encouraged, get more support, and receive insightful feedback that will help propel you to move forward. 


Joining coworking spaces is a fantastic way to expand your network and build your business. And by remembering the things you aren’t supposed to do, you’ll be able to maximize the advantages of working in a coworking space. You’ll be able to watch your career and business thrive and grow around like-minded people who support your endeavors and creative pursuits!

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