Why Employees Are More Productive In Coworking Spaces

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The key to a successful business is to have happy and productive employees who stay with you in the long term. It’s one thing to attract and hire talent; it’s another to retain them. Employers are turning to different working solutions to provide workers with a comfortable and productive environment. This is where coworking spaces […]

How You Can Improve Your Business By Sharing Workspaces

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The pandemic may have aided in the rising trend of remote working, but it can’t completely replace working in an actual office. While an actual workspace is recommended for every company, it can be difficult for some to rent out a commercial space to work in, particularly for small businesses! When you’re just establishing your […]

Cleanliness Tips for Every Area in Your Coworking Space

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A working space should be clean, clutter-free, and comfortable. You will be more productive and efficient at work when you have a conducive and well-organized workplace. However, no matter how we want to have it clean and pleasing to the eye, germs can be all around. Especially in busy and high-traffic areas, bacteria and bugs […]

Meeting and Conference Rooms: The Hot Choice of Professionals

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How people work before looks completely different from today’s workplace set-up. Gone are the days of nine-to-five dullness for the working class. Slowly, we’re starting to notice a shift in the corporate lifestyle where desks and cubicles are being replaced with shared workspaces that allow more fluidity and flexibility.  Thanks to coworking spaces, companies — […]

Why Flexible Workspaces are Replacing Traditional Offices

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many industries work. With office buildings kept closed for months on end, employees and business owners alike have found different ways to maintain high productivity away from the traditional office. Flexible workspaces have emerged as a compromise between working from home and working at the office. This way, […]

Tips for Selecting a Start-Up’s Best Coworking Space Option

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Whenever an entrepreneur is beginning their own organization, renting a small space or telecommuting has been the typical move to make. More and more people have been gravitating towards coworking spaces thanks to numerous benefits. When people are looking into coworking in Charlotte, NC or elsewhere, one of the biggest initial draws for them is […]

Coworking Spaces for Remote Workers and Small Businesses

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The pandemic has forced a lot of people to change many things in their lives, from shopping in bulk to limiting social gatherings. Socializing in any shape or form has been restricted or put on hold until further notice. The giant leaps for many people has been a transition to a remote setup, for which […]

Women’s History Month Spotlight- The P3 Group’s Lisa Thomas

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March is Women’s History Month, and as such, CoCoTiv wanted to highlight some of the amazing female members we have! The first member we interviewed was Lisa Thomas from the P3 Group– a revolutionary business development and advisory firm. We sat down with Lisa and asked her a few questions. Read more about it below! […]

CoCoTiv New Member Spotlight: IsoKlean Carolinas

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Take a minute to learn about CoCoTiv’s new Members, IsoKlean Carolinas, and their amazing electrostatic sprayer. See how they are using their patented Iso 10 disinfectant to get our coworking and office spaces as clean as an Operating Room. Watch the video below to see it in action and then read more about IsoKlean below. […]

Reopening CoCoTiv Coworking- Phase 1

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REOPENING COCOTIV COWORKING Now that the State of North Carolina has lifted the “Stay at Home Order”, CoCoTiv will start preparing the 4th and 7th Floor for Re-Opening this week. As previously stated, our Number One priority is to insure the Health and Safety of our Members & Employees. In order to provide a Safe […]