How Can We Be The Best Coworking Space In Charlotte?

How Can We Be The Best Coworking Space In Charlotte?

We want to be the best coworking space in Charlotte. But, how?

best coworking space in charlotte

There are a lot of great (and similar) options for coworking in our city. The best coworking space in Charlotte has to stand out.

  • We spend a lot of time researching the shared office space market. We use that for building our offerings to suit the needs of our members. That’s one of the most unique aspects of CoCoTiv- we are an independent company. This fact is great news for the joint futures of CoCoTiv and our members. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would be independent contractors. How can the goals of an independent workforce be reflected and sustained by coworking companies that are beholden to corporate goals? It’s incompatible. We have an independent spirit here. This is why we are attracting more and more independent business owners.
  • The best coworking space in Charlotte must also offer something irreplaceable. We offer a sense of community that is second to none. Our community isn’t Fortune 500 C-Suite executives talking comp packages.  Casey McCarty of the Idea Foundry points out “While corporate employees are charmed by the amenities of a space but don’t necessarily strive to contribute to the culture, independent workers are driven to co-working spaces for the only resource they can’t access alone: community.”  We are a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Locally engaged. Our employees and members alike are invested in the environment we have built here. Because it benefits everyone. We firmly believe in a “better together” mentality.
  • Another crucial component of our goal here is to be on the cutting (but not bleeding) edge of the coworking scene. Innovation is imperative. Zak Dabbas, of Punchkick Interactive, hit the nail right on the head. “The future of work will be about dismantling antiquated structures and working in ways that are more open, diverse, efficient, and healthy, for both companies and employees,” he said, speaking on the future of work.  We look at this quote through two lenses. The first is our lense. We are the company, and while our members aren’t employees, we still strive to provide a space that contains all those components. The second lense is your lense. CoCoTiv is a shared office space designed to give you freedom from an outdated office space structure. We are built to make your company more efficient and open to possibility. There is nothing we love seeing more than our members working-and thriving- together. This is our number one goal and that is what makes us the best coworking space in Charlotte.
  • Finally, to be the best, you have to walk the walk. That’s why we don’t just speak these things we talked about above.  We practice them. We are one of the first and only coworking spaces in Charlotte to offer free parking. This directly benefits our members, and our members only. Every coworking space is going to offer amenities. However, not every space is committed to using 100% local vendors. CoCoTiv is.  Ee are one of a VERY select few independent coworking companies to operate out of LEED-certified space and building. As a local, independent company, we know the importance of supporting the same. Our mission is to watch our community grow. We do our part by offering our members a physical space to work and connect. We also do our part by doing everything we can on our end to support local business.


We truly believe we have created a sense of local, independent community here at CoCoTiv. And, that makes us the best coworking space in Charlotte. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Schedule a Tour today and come see us for yourself!