Member Spotlight: Healing Hands of Joy

1. When were you founded?
Healing Hands of Joy was founded in 2010

2. How many team members do you have?
We have 4 team members in the US – 3 in Charlotte and 1 in Boston and 38 staff members in Ethiopia!

3. What do you do and how did you get started?
Healing Hands of Joy works to eliminate obstetric fistula, a preventable childbirth injury that was eradicated in the United States in 1895 yet still afflicts 2-3 million women in developing countries and 37,000 women in Ethiopia where we work. In 2005 I was a filmmaker working in NYC and worked on the Emmy-award winning documentary “A Walk to Beautiful” that profiled women living with fistula in Ethiopia and their journey to be cured. I could not walk away from the pain and shame these women faced and in 2010 established HHOJ to prevent fistula and empower women who have suffered by training them as Safe Motherhood Ambassadors. We equip these women with education, counseling and economic support – providing access to micro-loans. To date, we have trained over 1,400 women recovering from fistula. These women have educated over 30,000 pregnant women resulting in 20,000 safe deliveries.

4. Share one of your most memorable moments from Healing Hands of Joy.
Last year, Healing Hands of Joy was invited to share at the United Nations during International Day to End Obstetric Fistula. It was an amazing opportunity for our Ambassador’s work to be recognized. For me personally, the most memorable moment has not been just one moment but meeting the women we work with and learning their stories, sharing in their suffering, healing and dancing with them at their graduation as Safe Motherhood Ambassadors.

5. What is something you’re most proud of? 
I’m extremely proud of our Safe Motherhood Ambassadors who have traveled far distances across rural Ethiopia to identify and rescue women who continue to live with Obstetric Fistula and are unaware there is a cure. One of our Ambassadors Meselech recently identified a woman, Abebech who suffered with fistula for 10 years. I’m also proud of our staff in the US and Ethiopia who have carried forth our vision to see a Fistula Free Ethiopia. Together we’ve designed a 3-Year Strategic Plan to scale-up in the 3 regions where we work and expand to another large region in Ethiopia by 2020.

6. What’s your favorite thing about working at CoCoTiv? 
I love the clean space (we tend to like working in the kitchen) I love the Coconut Water and Coffee Machine and of course Ludo!!
Allison with

ABOUT ALLISON SHIGO, Co-founder of Healing Hands of Joy

Allison Shigo (pictured above, right) received an Emmy Award for her work on A Walk to Beautiful, winner of the International Documentary Association award for Best Feature Documentary 2007. A Walk to Beautiful screened at over 25 film festivals worldwide, won several audience choice awards, and was theatrically released in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. For the DVD release of A Walk to Beautiful she created and co-produced Fistula Worldwide, Three Years Later. She created and led the film’s outreach campaign, working side-by-side with the world’s leading fistula related international organizations in an effort to raise awareness of the issue of obstetric fistula and galvanize change.

In 2009, Allison co-founded Healing Hands of Joy (HHOJ), a non-profit working in Ethiopia to empower former fistula patients and eliminate fistula. Working with a team of Ethiopian advisors she developed the innovative Safe Motherhood Ambassador Training program to provide reintegration and rehabilitation services to fistula survivors.  The Ambassador program provides maternal health education, income-generating skills training, micro-loans, spiritual and

psychological counseling. To date over 1,400 fistula survivors have graduated as Safe Motherhood Ambassadors, serving as advocates for safe delivery in their communities to prevent fistula. It is the only fistula prevention and social reintegration program in Ethiopia. Healing Hands of Joy is a member of the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health’s Fistula Task Force. In partnership with USAID, Healing Hands of Joy has expanded nationwide in Ethiopia.




Pop-Up Mentor with Meredith Dean

Meredith Dean of The Dean’s List hosted an incredible Pop-Up Mentor session on Digital Branding on Feb 6th in our executive boardroom, passing along some words of wisdom…

Quotable: “A black & white resume won’t cut it anymore!”
1. If in doubt, don’t post.
2. If you wait for perfection, it will never go beyond your mind.
3. Take every photo vertically & horizontally.
4. Add a “I live by 5 things” to your online portfolio. Great conversation starter.

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Women in Business Series

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Our first Women in Business event back in October was such a hit we’re excited to be kicking off 2019 with a continued series with a focus on health. We are pleased to be joined by our speakers, Sustainable Nutrition, Mary Brooks and Andrea Umbach Psy D of BASE Cognitive Behavioral to learn more on how we as female entrepreneurs can maximize our wellness in the new year. Once again, there will be networking, food and giveaways so bring a friend and come hang out with us Jan 15th at CoCoTiv Coworking!


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