Choosing Your Perfect Office Space

There are so many options these days when it comes to office spaces. How will you chose your right fit?

Space assessment

When selecting your space, consider the anticipated growth of your business. Are you part of a team or plan to stay solo? Will you have employees working remotely or frequent guests? This will determine what you would like to commit to for the term of your agreement or contract. 

A flexible property is an ideal solution for businesses who have increasing paces of change. A space that provides opportunity for growth to meet future requirements is a factor to consider when shopping for an office. Consideration of parking, convenience and common areas to meet your every day needs is crucial.

Budget planning

Budget is likely the most significant factor in choosing your space. It is important to prepare your budget for the total cost of occupancy.

Rent accounts for the largest proportion of your expenses, however the little things add up (electricity, utilities, business support, parking, common area maintenance and running the office space). It’s important to keep all of these factors in mind when planning your budget.

Environment setting

It’s important to find what environment you feel most productive in whether you prefer laid back or a more professional feel. Is networking during the work day or off hours important to you? Do you prefer 9-5 or are you a night owl or early bird?

Member Spotlight: Planks & Pizza

What is then name of your company?
Planks & Pizza

When were you founded?
Officially 2017 – but started LLC in the Fall of 2016

How many team members?
ONE! Just me for now.

What do you do and how did you get started?
I am a registered dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition, and 200-hour certified yoga teacher with over 800 hours of teaching experience. My services include one-on-one nutrition counseling, private yoga lessons, corporate nutrition and wellness plans, and private in-home cooking classes, to name a few. After completing my Masters, I still wasn’t sure which direction to take things, so I worked for a few years in research and meanwhile, took a 200-hour yoga teacher training for fun. My vision for Planks & Pizza started to come to life from there to fuse nutrition and yoga together into a one-stop wellness shop. The name Planks & Pizza is my own personal metaphor for balance that I came up with while eating pizza…and drinking wine. Planks are hard, and eating pizza is easy (and delicious). I didn’t realize my idea would turn into what it has, but I am so glad I just kept going with my gut and moving forward with it. I find gratitude every single day I step into this job – I know I’m really lucky that my passion and my job are the same thing.

What goals do you have for the future?
My ultimate goal will always be the same – to change the lives of others for the better. It’s my passion, it’s what I aim to do with each person I work with, and I plan to continue to keep doing that. Connection is so important and life is short – we should all feel good about ourselves and live each day feeling alive and healthy. It’s a lot easier to do that if you have a good diet, are active, and change your mindset. However, these three things are challenges for most people are require a lot of work and support. That’s where I come in and help take on the load so it’s achievable and not quite so overwhelming.

What is something you’re most proud of?
I have not taken shortcuts to get here. It has taken a lot of additional education, training, patience, and a network of amazing people who believe in me on days where I have wanted to throw in the towel. I feel really good about how I’ve grown as a business and a person. This process has been eye-opening and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

What’s your favorite thing about working at CoCoTiv?
The energy. I love that I have coworkers but they aren’t really coworkers. We all do different things. And sometimes I get made fun of because my business casual can be a little too casual if I just finished teaching a lesson, but I like that because it just means people are real around here. It’s a fun, genuine, hard-working environment, and I always feel super supported and motivated when I’m around my Cocotiv family.



Bank OZK Sponsors the new CoCoTiv Coworking Boardroom 


“The sponsorship of CoCoTiv’s boardroom is an ideal way for us to support the flourishing small business sector and entrepreneurship in Charlotte,” said Terri Guthrie, President, Bank OZK North Carolina Division. Located in Charlotte’s Montford Park community at 1515 Mockingbird Lane, the CoCoTiv boardroom has capacity for twenty seated guest around a board room table, has been named the Bank OZK Executive Boardroom.

“CoCoTiv is a hub for entrepreneurs, energizers and influencers,” said John H. Vieregg, Managing Partner with CoCoTiv. “Our partnership with Bank OZK solidifies that we are the location for up-and-coming small businesses in Charlotte.”

@cocotivcoworking @montfordpark

Shown in photo, left to right, John Vieriegg, CoCoTiv Managing Partner, Terri Guthrie, Bank OZK Division President, and Sam Sagatchi, Bank OZK Charlotte Branch Manager.   

Charlotte’s Emerging Leaders

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