With today’s sharing economy becoming increasingly widespread than ever all over America, coworking spaces have become the norm for many companies today. 

From social media agencies to law firms, coworking spaces—also called shared offices—can suit of business’s needs with a refined approach to productive working spaces. Out of all the different professionals who can best benefit from the high-energy and enthusiastic nature of such a space, bloggers can definitely thrive in such a setting.  

Why bloggers should invest in a shared space

Blogging has quite a scalability curve that rarely exists amongst other industries because of its ability to leverage the power of the Internet and digitally-dependent consumers. 

When done properly, an average blog can jump from near-obscurity to local and national fame in a matter of months or a single year. This essentially means that a simple home set-up won’t suffice to keep the business running smoothly. Fortunately, this is where coworking spaces come in because of their ability to match the scope of needs without costly and drastic traditional office space arrangements. If you’ve been meaning to take your blogging to the next level and keep your targets within striking distance, here are three reasons a shared space is the perfect environment for bloggers:

1. It offers opportunities to save a fortune on costs

Although it may not have as many start-up costs as a regular type of business, blogs still pose a certain challenge in the form of delayed returns on investment. As your blog grows bigger, it becomes far more important to have space wherein people can reach you right away without going far beyond your current operating budget. 

With the help of a coworking space, you can keep your blog’s momentum rolling, save yourself a fortune, and avoid the costly and difficult task of setting up an office from scratch!

2. It offers more opportunities to network 

For any blogger, connections and broad networks are an especially important resource because they help keep the ball rolling when it comes to income and sustainability. Regarding shared office spaces, however, the amount of effort that has to be shelled out is greatly reduced because the area is already packed with connections that can help make your blog more visible.

Instead of going far out of your way to land one measly connection that isn’t guaranteed to drive more traffic to your blog, you can simply hang out in the common space and talk to other businesses well enough to strike up a deal. In just a few steps and some small talk, you can be very well on your way to landing a few game-changing collaborations that can keep your blog running for a very long time!

3. It is a great space for encouraging creativity

Regardless of whatever your niche is or who you’re trying to reach out to, your blog greatly relies on creativity to thrive in the long run, which is a resource that’s abundant in coworking spaces. By taking the time to hang out in the common lodge or attend a few shared events, you’ll be able to harness an abundance of ideas by connecting freely with other companies in the same space!


When it comes to blogging successfully in the long run, it’s vital to understand that having the right environment to work in can make a world of difference in your shot at success. With the help of a coworking space, however, you can keep success coming your way and grow your visibility to great heights thanks to a wide range of available resources and benefits!

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