Charlotte coworking is an evolving scene. Remote and flexible work arrangements are a normal part of many office’s daily operations. It was amplified by the pandemic, but more industries are realizing that many employees are more productive and vocal than they were in a purely physical workplace setting. However, there are challenges that come with this type of work dynamic, like computer fatigue, laziness, and burnout. 

Managing remote and distributed teams is a must to ensure a seamless workflow for everyday deliverables. Even if you are far apart, there are opportunities to regroup, align, and become acquainted with new professional development goals, whether as individuals or as a group. To ensure you are well-equipped to handle your co-workers, refer to the following practical tips: 

Consider your employees’ work-life balance 

One of the many advantages of having a physical workplace is people can leave their office life behind when they get home, allowing them to have an effective work-life balance. While you can turn off your electronic devices to unwind from work, the remote setting is not as forgiving. You can still get mobile notifications, text messages, and other reminders that there are office tasks to complete. 

Enforcing the importance of work-life balance is key for your remote work team, especially during these tough times. You have to be there for their well-being since they can burn out easily, take more sick leaves, and may even quit. To address this, you can insist on breaks, distribute work more evenly, and find other similar ways to promote a positive virtual office environment. This way, your team can stay driven and connected towards your company’s goals. 

Recognize work achievements through online chats 

Another perk of being surrounded by your team in a physical workplace is camaraderie. You can have coffee breaks together, affirm each other for a job well done, go out after working hours, and do other social activities that boost employee morale. These opportunities are tough to emulate if you are in a remote work setting. While you can sponsor distributed team members from your office to meet safely, it is just not the same as hearing positive feedback about everyone’s work. 

Using office chat for announcing achievements is one way to tell your team, “We are in this together even if we are far apart.” You can use automated methods, such as the Dailybot Kudos function on Slack. You can even have a dedicated Facebook chat for compliments. Whatever medium you choose, just make sure everyone feels appreciated for their genuine contributions to your office’s success! 

Have a well-established physical and virtual office 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught many offices that remote working can be an option for willing office staff. Still, there is no replacement for in-personal work, especially for having engaged team-building activities, collaborative projects, and more. Moreover, as most of the general public endeavors to go into the new normal by being vaccinated, it may be high time to re-imagine the workplace as a whole. 

One effective means to consider moving forward is to have both physical and virtual offices to meet your workforce’s needs and preferences. Doing this grants much-needed flexibility and self-reliance for every co-worker to do as they please while still maintaining alignment with the rest of the team. Most importantly, you can manage your team more effectively and push them to be at their best! 


Having a remote and distributed team in your workplace can be challenging to manage, especially when it comes to the constraints of working through the Internet. Fortunately, you now have some practical knowledge on the matter and can make well-informed decisions. Meanwhile, if you are struggling to find the right office space to fit your needs, look into modern-day solutions like ours! 

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