There are so many options these days when it comes to office spaces. How will you chose your right fit?

Space assessment

When selecting your space, consider the anticipated growth of your business. Are you part of a team or plan to stay solo? Will you have employees working remotely or frequent guests? This will determine what you would like to commit to for the term of your agreement or contract. 

A flexible property is an ideal solution for businesses who have increasing paces of change. A space that provides opportunity for growth to meet future requirements is a factor to consider when shopping for an office. Consideration of parking, convenience and common areas to meet your every day needs is crucial.

Budget planning

Budget is likely the most significant factor in choosing your space. It is important to prepare your budget for the total cost of occupancy.

Rent accounts for the largest proportion of your expenses, however the little things add up (electricity, utilities, business support, parking, common area maintenance and running the office space). It’s important to keep all of these factors in mind when planning your budget.

Environment setting

It’s important to find what environment you feel most productive in whether you prefer laid back or a more professional feel. Is networking during the work day or off hours important to you? Do you prefer 9-5 or are you a night owl or early bird?