A working space should be clean, clutter-free, and comfortable. You will be more productive and efficient at work when you have a conducive and well-organized workplace. However, no matter how we want to have it clean and pleasing to the eye, germs can be all around. Especially in busy and high-traffic areas, bacteria and bugs can be present. If you work in a coworking space, then you should be aware of some cleanliness tips to make it totally germ-free!

What are the germ hotspots in your coworking space?

If you want to maintain your coworking space’s cleanliness, you should start searching the areas where germs often thrive. Here’s how you can clean each germ hotspot:

Shared desks

Desks can be one of the areas in the workplace where most germs can be found. In fact, researchers discovered that desks contain 400x more germs than toilet seats. That’s really a crazy number, right?

Items on your shared desk, such as your mobile phone, pens, folders, mouse, and mouse pad, can increase germ contamination risk. This is why you should keep them regularly cleaned with antibacterial wipes.


The fridges in the workplace can be home to various bacteria. There can be dangerous and food-poisoning microorganisms in the fridge and can be easily transmitted among coworkers.

Make sure to be cautious when you’re eating foods from the fridge, like salads and sandwiches. Observe your fridge’s temperature and make sure it’s maintained to be below 5° C.

Raw meats and vegetables should not be stored close to other food items since they are items where germs can build up. 

Your bag

You might be unaware yet, but the bag you often bring to the office can be full of germs. It can transport various bugs and bacteria from home to the workplace and vice versa. 

To solve this, make sure to wipe the entire bag using an antibacterial cloth so it will be sanitized. Also, be careful where you put or hang your bag. As much as possible, do not place it on the floor.


Do you love sipping coffee while working on your tasks? You probably even have a personalized mug on your desk. But, how often do you wash? If you do wash it regularly, do you delay washing it several hours after use? If so, you should change that habit ASAP. 

When using mugs, especially in coworking spaces where these items are usually shared, it is crucial to ensure they are washed thoroughly. Use the office’s dishwasher to ensure that it will be germ-free.

Keyboards and mouse

Many employees have the habit of eating their lunch or snacks on their table. For them, this is convenient; however, this is actually not advisable. Food debris and crumbs can be trapped on the keypad and may invite germs to build up. 

If there are 3-5 individuals alternately using these desk accessories, all of you can be at risk of acquiring the germs.

So, what should you do? Make sure to wipe your mouse and keyboard thoroughly with an antibacterial cloth once a week or more frequently. If eating on your desk is unavoidable, clean the desk after and before leaving work.


Here’s another item in your office where germs can be hiding–your printer! Many workers often touch it; thus, there’s a chance that germs are easily transmitted. Wash and sanitize your hands with an antibacterial gel before and after using the printer. Clean the printer using an antibacterial wipe, too.


It’s imperative to keep your coworking space organized and clean. Now that you’re aware of the germ hotspots in coworking spaces, you’ll be able to pay more attention to these surfaces. When you prioritize sanitation, not only can you be comfortable working, but you can promote better health for all the people working in the shared space.

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