The future of work can be summarized in one word—flexible. 

Last year, the world witnessed the beginning of the workplace transformation. If there’s anything the pandemic showed us, it’s that you don’t need to be stuck in a cubicle to be productive! As long as you have the necessary equipment, you can accomplish your tasks at home—or can you?

Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

Working from home used to be a temporary solution for businesses to keep running without the need for in-person meetings. However, some companies have decided never to go back to the office and switch to long-term remote work instead. 

Some of the benefits of remote work include:

Less Commute Stress

Traveling to work can be exhausting. Not only does it cause stress, but traveling to work also spends a considerable amount of time and money. Remote work gets rid of that problem entirely. You no longer have to make an allowance for your travel time since your work area is just right down the corner.

Improved Inclusivity and Diversity

Remote work allows companies to hire people with different socioeconomic statuses and backgrounds. People with disabilities and other people who have usually have difficulty landing a job will find it much easier to get hired through remote work.

Customizable Office

Gone are the boring and bland office cubicle and furniture! Since you’re working from home, you can create a comfortable home office that you’re happy with. 

The Downsides of Working From Home

Unfortunately, remote work isn’t all great. Working from home means always being alone; you don’t have anyone to discuss with, which can be lonely at times. Your home also can’t be perfectly conducive for work, as you are exposed to many distractions. It could be your children, the oven, a delivery man, but either way, something or someone will disturb your peace and ruin your momentum, affecting your work’s quality!

The Perfect Solution

When it comes to modern working, the usual office is out of the question—but remote work isn’t the correct answer, either. Working from home doesn’t work for everyone; some environments others are exposed to may not allow them to be as creative and productive, and being alone does significantly impact work performance.

If you want to ditch the typical office, but don’t want to resort to working alone from home, why not give coworking spaces a try? Aside from remote work, coworking spaces are also one of the major working trends this year. 

Sharing offices with different companies may seem a bit cramped and uncomfortable, but joining a coworking space may not be so bad once you learn about its many advantages.

More Connections

Unlike remote work that can be a bit lonely, you won’t run out of people to interact with within a coworking space. Not only can you brainstorm in person with your colleagues, but you can also build relationships with like-minded people from different companies. Who knows, the connections you form may prove to be beneficial to your career in the future!

Save on Costs

You don’t have to resort to working from home to save money; you can also reduce your business’s expenses by working in an affordable office space! This is especially important for small and medium-sized companies, as you’re still working to grow your business. Since you don’t have to rent out a whole property, you get to pay a substantially lesser amount.

Enhanced Productivity

You can’t be fully on “work mode” when you’re at home, but in a coworking space, you can block out everything unrelated to your work and focus completely on the task at hand. Coworking spaces are better than a makeshift office and are different from traditional offices—their environments are designed to promote collaboration and cooperation with others and optimize productivity.


Gone are the days of the traditional office—it’s time to look forward to the future and revolutionize what it means to work in an office! Before deciding which to choose between working from home or working in a coworking space, weigh the pros and cons and discuss them with your employees. Make sure to make the right decision for the sake of your business and people.

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