Coworking Review- CoCoTiv- November 2019

Coworking Review- CoCoTiv- November 2019

November’s Highlights | CoCotiv Coworking Review

It was a fun and festive month here at CoCoTiv. We had a lot going on, so let’s take a few minutes and go through the CoCoTiv Coworking Review for November 2019.

  • November is a month to reflect on the things you have, and the things you can do for others. We were proud to support Second Harvest Food Bank’s efforts to feed our hungry neighbors for Thanksgiving, here in Charlotte. We had a great turn out from all our awesome member’s and were grateful to be able to help such a worthwhile cause. As a local business, we make full effort to be impactful members of the local community. second harvest food bank food drive box


  • Staying in the Thanksgiving spirit, our members enjoyed food and fellowship courtesy of Sweet Lew’s BBQ and Stampley Accounting and Tax. We love getting our members together for professional, work-related events. But, we also love getting them together to have some fun! Especially when there is delicious food on our table. This event was a great warm-up for Turkey Day- thanks to everyone who made it out. And made it happen!

sweet lews bbq at cocotiv

  • Looking for Black Friday Deals? Look no further than your own coworking space! We are offering several great deals to members and prospects alike. Save 10-20-30% when you take advantage of three great deals on spaces at CoCoTiv Coworking. Check it out for more information and full details HERE.

cocotiv coworking review november black friday

  • We weren’t done with the fun just yet. We had our favorite coffee company (who supplies our coffee here) Enderly come in for a coffee tasting event. We can’t say enough about how much we love our friends over at Enderly- and their coffee too! Also, we hosted a Millenial Entrepreneur event this month. There were guest speakers and Q and A sessions. There was a great turnout and we really enjoyed hearing all the exciting things the younger generation is bringing to the workplace in Charlotte, today and beyond.

millinial entrepreneur event at cocotiv

  • Moving into some inter-office news, we’ve got a few changes happening to our meeting spaces here at CoCoTiv. Our Executive Board Room has a new primary sponsor- The John Bolos Group. Additionally, the Mockingbird conference room on our 7th floor will become the Regent Law Conference Room. We’re proud to have these great companies sponsor these meeting spaces. We look forward to hosting meetings and events here and watching our members grow their local networks and thrive.

john bolos group executive board room

  • While we’re on the subject of meeting rooms, let’s take a look at some of our members and guests who utilized our awesome facilities this month. They included: iiClt, Breakfast ad Brains, Grubb Properties, Intradiem, Montford Park Partners, Barclay Downs Neighborhood Association, Integrate Ideas, SimplCraft, Dept 732c. We pride ourselves in being home to so many unique and diverse businesses and events here. Schedule your next meeting with us!


That wraps up this month’s Coworking Review. We hope you enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends.

It was a busy month indeed over here at CoCoTiv Coworking!