Coworking spaces clearly aren’t the only industry dealing with the evolving current situation. The whole world is put on hold over the past months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Offices and workers alike have also been forced out of their jobs or have welcomed a work-from-home setup. A majority of companies have been adapting to the new normal, as companies introduce more online meetings or different apps or programs that track work progress remotely. 

However, some companies are having a difficult time with these solutions as they clamor for their employees to be in a physical office together. 

There are a few solid solutions that companies are making to ensure the employees’ safety, even when they show up to the office space physically. Some have staff working in the physical office with safety protocols met and the rest working remotely, while others have considered physically distancing the office spaces by looking for an affordable coworking space. 

Despite these changes, they have made one thing clear during this pandemic: going online is an option, but nothing can replace face-to-face interaction. This is why companies need to make decisions that work for their employees, not based on the trends or outcomes of others. 

In the sections below, we will share several questions that you might be asking yourself and how you can find an office space amid COVID-19: 

“Do we even need an extra office space?” 

Companies need to be careful when it comes to making this particular decision. It may look like the next best thing is just to quit and find an all-new and affordable office workspace. However, the company must look into the necessities that its employees are looking for. 

There are quite a number of employees who need to all be in one space to be productive. This is because many of them need to collaborate or feel heard by their co-workers. In such cases, a coworking space and adjusting to the extra office space may just be what your company needs to thrive, even during this pandemic. 

“Will the office space benefit my company in the long run?” 

The pandemic is ushering in a new normal, which means that conventional ways of working can be obsolete in the future. This does not only mean that you need to consider remote-work setups but also to make room for employees to come together in a safe manner, which means physical distancing. Office spaces can be physically distanced in such a way that it will introduce a new work dynamic that can prove to be better than communicating solely online. 

Companies should consider the long-term effects of a shared space. Let’s say a majority of employees work in a shared office. The advertising company may also make the decision to instead consider an affordable office workspace. In the long run, however, the shared office option was better because the employees were all in one place, and they even got into a local business network that opens doors for the company. This is why you should also consider long-term decisions because they matter. 

“What type of office space do my employees need?” 

Considering the company’s industry, services, and work dynamic will also help inform the decision to find new office space. For instance, companies are now adapting asynchronous communication and dedicating a bit of time lag for the employees to absorb the information and reply. Companies are now adopting this into their setup for remote work, especially in completing work tasks. 

However, this adaptation varies from company to company. Finding a workspace that suits your company needs to be informed by the employees’ needs first. They may be well adjusted to the remote setup and fail in physically showing up to work while others require physical separation between their homes and office. 


Business owners should remember that the decisions they make can determine the success that will take them beyond the pandemic and for years to come. The new normal is here to stay, and companies need to find what works during this difficult time so that they can thrive.

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