Many people believe that the best coworking spaces offer the fastest internet speeds and the best coffee machines, but there’s more to these places than just that. Most, if not all, coworking spaces offer such amenities, but only the best support their clients with their goals by building a community around them.

When a professional community surrounds you, you can find assistance in your ventures and grow your skills alongside other people. That being said, you might be wondering how to build a community in a coworking space. This article will show you four tips to guide you.

1. Host skillshares

For many people using coworking spaces, one of their goals is to connect to other experts in different industries, building their knowledge and finding the right help when needed. For that reason, we highly recommend that you host skillshare meetings.

These meetings allow different people to share what they do and the skills they have. It can cover a variety of topics, from the best tax practices to taking the best photos. In a sense, people get to share their skills, allowing others to take notes and know where to look for help when they need it.

2. Plan social activities

As the term implies, social activities provide a chance for different people to interact together. These gatherings are an excellent opportunity to have fun as a group. For instance, you can head out for a movie night or host a happy hour. If other people like to play games, hosting a game night can be a fun-filled time for all!

Whatever the activity is, whether it is playing an escape room challenge as a group or simply enjoying breakfast together, being physically together while doing the same activities can build strong bonds and promote a sense of community. We know that times are different right now, and being together presents unique challenges, but CoCoTiv is dedicated to the health and welfare of all of our members. 

3. Create a wall of photos

 Remember the wall of photos back at home with all your friends and family members? You can do the same for your coworking space! When you put up pictures of yourself and the group doing all sorts of activities, you promote a feeling of camaraderie. This can help build a community that works and plays together, something that will help retain members and attract others to come and join. It is a fun way to be creative and get to know your fellow coworkers at the same time. 

4. Get everyone to help decide

When there is a big decision to be made that can affect everyone at the coworking space, do not leave it to yourself to decide. Get everyone involved and ask for their opinions. You can ask them what kind of event they want for the next time or what roles they want to fill. This kind of interaction will help others feel like their opinions are valued, helping to create a community. At CoCoTiv we truly pride ourselves on a sense of community- it helps us set ourselves apart from other operators that don’t take the time to develop this atmosphere. 


By applying all the tips above, you can create strong relationships with other people at your coworking space, which will help you build strong connections between members and come together as a community. Together, you can achieve more, and with each other’s help, any goals you may have set can be far more easily achievable. 

CoCoTiv offers unique coworking spaces with excellent features to facilitate anyone’s needs in their professional life. If you are looking for a coworking space in Charlotte to create connections and build a community, contact us today!