Digitalization and adapting to recent global changes have made remote working and shared working spaces rise in popularity. The shift towards these work setups doesn’t seem to be a passing fancy, either. 

There are numerous reasons these formats have risen to be so common and why they are the future of various industries. Let’s take a look at why coworking spaces and flexible remote work are increasingly becoming the norm and why they likely will not go anywhere any time soon.

Remote Work Increases Employee Engagement

Employees can stay comfortable at home and set their hours, yet they are still accountable to their employers. This freedom can lead to a more engaged workforce that is inspired by the ability to work in their own way.

One might think that the distance won’t help engagement, but it actually ensures that every interaction the employee has with the company is more purposeful and balanced. This also allows employees to work on their own and get things done.

Remote Work Saves on Company Resources

Flexible working is often seen as a perk by employers as it lowers the company’s resource requirements and overall spending. For example, the company no longer needs to invest in office spaces and equipment, which means fewer expenses and more profit for the business.

Businesses can save quite a bit by using remote work and coworking spaces that provide the tools and accessories their employees need to be successful. It also removes a lot of the excess utilities and upkeep that come with running a permanent location.

Coworking Spaces See More Productivity

Coworking spaces see more productivity from the people who use them. This is because they feel more in control of their work and are free from unnecessary interruptions. These areas are comfortable enough to feel at ease finishing up work but not so bogged down by regular use that workers feel less motivated.

As the space provides a good environment for creativity and focus, individuals achieve more work with their time. It also means that productive achievements can be accomplished in a shorter period compared to mindlessly working for hours without much done.

Coworking Spaces and Remote Work Improve Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is one of the biggest concerns of remote workers and those who opt for coworking spaces. This is because it makes the most of the time they have in a way that allows them to focus on what’s important. 

This means that these individuals are able to focus on work, play, social functions, and family time without too many hiccups. The spaces make it possible for individuals to switch from one mindset to the next while they are working while actively removing the feeling of being in an area you don’t feel you need to be in.

Coworking Spaces are More Scalable

Because remote work and coworking spaces are more scalable, they can allow a company to grow quickly, efficiently, and profitably. There is less overhead, so there is less financial risk. 

This option is also very helpful for businesses that simply need temporary space or want to start small. The short-term and flexible nature of these spaces makes them more accessible for those running finances.


As the potential growth in remote work grows, it is only a matter of time before the format is more fully embraced. Though the shift is not likely to see a complete turn overnight, we are already seeing the trends leading to greater remote work adoption. The future is definitely going to see a lot more shared workspaces and flexible setups.

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