The current situation has shed light on the multitudinous mental health problems that can arise from working remotely. While there are plenty of good things about remote work (besides safety), but there are also some setbacks that may take a toll on people’s mental health. Enter coworking spaces. 

If working from home has been stressing you out recently, maybe you need to get away from home for a while. One way to do that is to hunt for a coworking space. Here are a couple of reasons why working in one can improve the stresses of remote work:

How Coworking Spaces Help Ease Mental Health When Working

Helps You Find a Work-Life Balance

Taking work home with you is something that is often discouraged. It is important to care about your job and career, but it is even more important to set boundaries between work and the rest of your life. Working from home can blur the line between them. Since your work happens where you sleep and eat, you may overwork yourself and not notice it, leading to burnout.

In coworking spaces, you can easily separate work from home life. You can force yourself to work only when you are in your workspace. 

Separates Work and Home

Work needs to be different from home life, despite the two being interlocked. Having a physical separation is the first step to the distinction. While some do have that extra room to make a home office, others have no other choice but to work in bed, the dining table, or on the couch. 

Coworking spaces provide that much-needed space where you can focus on work. This lets your brain know that home is where you can relax—creating spaces where work begins and ends.

Encourages Social Interaction 

There’s no denying that even the most introverted people in the world need a bit of social interaction. Just being around people can fill a sense of comfort. It can be maddening not seeing another human being for more than a week when you live alone. 

Coworking spaces can make it possible to be around like-minded creatives or aspiring entrepreneurs. You can greet people in passing or maybe even form genuine bonds. Social interaction can help you relieve the stress of being cooped up for so long.


Working remotely is challenging, but it is less stressful if you try to incorporate healthy interaction by working in a coworking space. These types of spaces can get you back into the feeling of working in an office, except you have control over when you clock in and clock out. 

There are plenty of coworking spaces open that follow safety protocols. So if you’re sick of looking for new corners at home to work, consider finding a nearby space that fits what you’re looking for. 

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