Choosing the ideal work environment is one of the most critical and challenging business decisions most people and firms make. There are many different alternatives to choose from, but a coworking space is one you should consider. 

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider joining a coworking space. This includes working with like-minded individuals with the same interests and goals. It is an excellent opportunity to network with new people and form new partnerships and relationships.

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding coworking spaces, and it’s best to stay informed about the truth behind them.

Here are six myths regarding coworking spaces you need to stop believing:

1. Coworking Spaces Are Only for Freelancers and Startups

While it is true that these spaces are ideal for freelancers and startups, it doesn’t mean that they are exclusive. Coworking spaces are also perfect for firms renting their premises since they save money and access a more diversified community. It is a space that will allow you to interact with people who can help you in your business. 

2. Coworking Spaces Aren’t Suitable for Teams

Most people assume that coworking spaces are not suitable for team-oriented businesses. On the contrary, coworking spaces provide the perfect opportunity to connect with new people.

You can even invite your suppliers and partners to the space to get to know them better and foster professional relationships. Other than that, they are great for team-building exercises, helping you work better as a team

3. Coworking Spaces Are Too Expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions is that coworking spaces are too expensive. You will find that collaborative workspaces include free or low-cost options with a bit of research. The majority of coworking spaces allow you to work independently while offering you all your resources.

4. Coworking Spaces Do Not Have a Private Space

You will see that while most coworking spaces offer community desks, they still have remote offices and meeting rooms. There are even some that provide a range of areas with different options. Some feature private offices, team rooms, and conference spaces, depending on the package.

5. Coworking Spaces Are Disorganized

Many people assume that coworking spaces are disorganized, but this is not true. They are pretty organized, with all the equipment and resources you need, including printers and Wi-Fi. 

Furthermore, if you visit a coworking space that does not have what you need, you have the chance to let them know, and they will organize it for you. 

6. Coworking Spaces Aren’t Professional Enough

Some people assume that coworking spaces aren’t professional enough. They think that there are not enough amenities, like Wi-Fi, computers, printers, and coffee, to meet their business needs.

Even though you may get these amenities for free, you can also pay for more professional options, like a dedicated workspace in a private room or even a private office.


Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular among business professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The advantages are mainly financial and include flexibility, networking, and collaboration.

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding coworking spaces that you should get familiarized with before making any decision. It is essential to do enough research to know what you are getting yourself into. If you have enough information, then consider working in a flexible office.

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