Coworking space is on the rise. Every year, the number of freelancers and independent entrepreneurs are increasing. More and more people are attracted to freelance work because of the convenience and flexibility it offers. Having a freelance job allows you to choose where you work and live, ultimately making you productive and efficient with your time. Some freelancers would opt to stay in their homes while others like to spend their working hours in a coworking space.  

When you work in a shared office space, you are with other independent writers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other small business owners. Unlike in a traditional office where everybody knows each other, a co-working space is a pool of different people from various industries and cultures. 

For some people, working with strangers may be uncomfortable and intimidating. However, there are many advantages that you can pick up from working with people you don’t know. Here are the benefits:

Expands your network and allow collaboration

One of the best things you get from working in a coworking space is you get to expand your network. Although you may be working with some people from different industries, it won’t be difficult for you to find like-minded people you can connect with. 

Working in a shared office space allows you to meet people from the same field or from a different profession. This encourages you to gain a new business perspective and may inspire collaborations with your businesses. 

For example, you’re developing new software and need to get the word out for crowdfunding. You can collaborate with your coworking marketing neighbor and start this new project with them.

Makes you more responsible with your time

When you work in a coworking space, you help minimize the distractions you might experience throughout your day. Here, you are often working with people you don’t know. This will help you focus and divert your attention to your work. You’ll get more tasks done, and your projects will move at lightning speed. 

More room for you to grow and develop new skills

As mentioned earlier, when you work in a co-working space, you are surrounded by people from different industries. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to connect with other cultures.

When you connect with fellow freelancers, you will learn new life skills and knowledge that you may apply to your job. This type of interaction will not only give you new skills but will also develop new ideas for projects. 

When you’re around creative and new people, you’ll start thinking differently and creatively, which will benefit your business in the long run. 


Your workspace culture is an essential factor in choosing the right co-working space for you. Working with strangers may be unsettling at first, but when you get to know their own culture and industries, you’ll be able to see how you could fit right in. When you work in coworking spaces with different people, you’ll be able to develop personal skills and learn new knowledge you thought you didn’t need.

And of course, not to worry about safety and health concerns. CoCoTiv has implemented many new precautions to ensure our space is clean and safe for you and your company.

Are you looking for a change of scenery to help you be more productive? CoCotiv is a coworking space in Charlotte, NC, at the state’s hippest neighborhood, Montford Park. We provide 24/7 office access, fiber internet and WiFi, free parking, and other amenities that will help your company thrive. If you’re interested to know more about our services and facilities, give us a call!