Coworking spaces versus working remotely is the new hot debate in many professional circles.

Working remotely is a great deal for a lot of professionals. It is a fairly new practice in every industry but is slowly producing great results for companies. As long as you have internet access, it’s almost too easy to work from anywhere around the world.

However, even if it sounds fantastic at first, working remotely also comes with its negative aspects. Although it saves you a lot of time from commuting and traveling to work, it might feel lonely after a short while. It can also make you feel more tired, chaotic, and drained. In the long run, these things will impact you and your professional life significantly if not resolved.

This is why coworking spaces thrive worldwide. They are also great for improving the remote working experience while avoiding its negative aspects. 

Coworking spaces are different from the usual office setting because most people who work in them are not working for the same company, maybe not even the same industry. However, most spaces provide the best office amenities any employee can ask for. 

Open workspaces provide dedicated desks, private workspaces are for large teams working on the same project, industry-specific spaces are for people in the same industry while working for different clients, and ventures/incubators, which are the most selective of all spaces. Besides free coffee, wi-fi, and free printing, finding a coworking space that offers amenities beyond your needs will always make everyone’s working experience much better.

It’s always a struggle to keep productivity levels high. There are a lot of distractions that might inhibit your ability to work and finish all your tasks for the day. If you struggle with productivity slumps, then coworking spaces are perfect for you! Coworking spaces filled with busy people at work can inspire you to finish the day and be productive. In turn, you can get things done without any procrastination.

Working from home makes the line between work and home very blurry. Although the workplace is far from where you sleep at night, it’s almost impossible to avoid working even after hours. On top of that, after a day of work, it’s difficult to destress in the same place where you experienced the stress. However, through coworking spaces, the lines between work and home are clear and unavoidable. It will be easier to avoid all work-related issues and deal with them the next day.

It’s easy to get distracted in a remote work setting. However, not all distractions can reduce stress induced by work. In a regular office, it’s easy to vent to an officemate in case something happens at work. But working remotely means having to handle it alone. 

Through coworking spaces, it will be a breeze to work because you will be surrounded by people who share the same struggles that you experience. The company alone can help you feel better.

It’s really lonely to work on your own. Even if there are various applications that help offices connect with each other, it still helps to work alongside someone who understands your struggles. Coworking spaces allow you to connect with people, help each other, and be a listening ear when all else fails at work.


As more people realize that there are various work setups available in the industry, coworking spaces will become more popular in the years to come. We should see a number of freelancers and remote workers who consider coworking spaces a norm when reentering the workforce.

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