The concept of coworking has evolved over the years as it now includes other amenities that make workspaces more comfortable. Today, coworking spaces have various features, yet one of the most popular is the dedicated desk. Although most professionals tend to rent hot desks, there are benefits you can get from a dedicated desk. 

A dedicated desk is a table that is assigned to someone renting space in the office. With that, that table is yours alone, and you can use it in any way you want. However, because of that feature, it’s more expensive than renting a hot desk. Despite having a more expensive price tag, it comes with its perks, such as: 

How Do You Know If It’s The Right Desk For You

Teams of all sizes can use dedicated desks and private offices; it’s all a matter of how your team works and their comfort level. For example, it will not be a good idea to put all your team members in a tight office space because this can make them feel less comfortable. Instead, these tables will provide more breathing room for everyone. 

It is also important to evaluate the roles of the team members who will be in the coworking space. If most of them have independent roles, then it is a great idea to provide each member with a dedicated table set in a communal area. Through this, it will let them meet and integrate with other members as they work. 

With the dedicated desk package that we offer at CoCotiv, you will have 24/7 access with lockable storage and free parking. On top of that, we even offer professional business address and bookable meeting spaces.


Personal preference is one of the reasons people choose dedicated tables over any other tables available in a coworking space. If you want to have a specific desk reserved for you to work each day, then this is the right type of table for you. Moreover, it will be more convenient if you need a desktop computer or you tend to deal with lots of paperwork, especially if they contain sensitive information. 

If you’re new to coworking or you prefer the idea of a more settled workspace, then a dedicated desk is the right choice for you. It can solve a lot of problems newbies tend to worry about as they make the transition from office to a coworking space. 

In the case that you’re handling a team to work in this type of space, keep in mind that regardless of your team size, you can use both private offices and dedicated spaces to work. What matters here is to ensure that the space will accommodate the needs of your team members comfortably. 

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