Coworking spaces are a great way to cut business costs, but how do you successfully manage a team in one?

Effective team management requires using the correct digital tools, a strategy for maximizing community benefits, and efficient information management. Oftentimes, a dedicated office space is thought to be essential to this. However, you can manage a team in a coworking space just by shifting your strategy slightly. Consider these tips and ideas for coworking spaces to help your team succeed.

1. Make the Most of the Community’s Advantages

Coworking spaces can help you build a better team by cutting overheads and eliminating expensive, long-term leases. Workers can thrive in coworking spaces since they feel like they are part of a community. 

Another advantage is more dynamic company culture. Coworking spaces offer a lively, positive environment that makes your staff feel like they’re part of a big firm without actually being one.

Look for methods to turn the environment of a large corporation into practical benefits. You may take advantage of collaboration opportunities with other businesses in the building. Find ways to collaborate with others, and your team may be able to achieve better results.

2. Utilize Digital Resources

Combine the physical proximity of coworking spaces with collaboration-enhancing digital tools. Invest in platforms and apps tailored to your company’s and employees’ needs. Consider how various tools might assist your team in sharing, communicating, and collaborating with minimal friction and delay.

3. Think about Knowledge Management

It’s all about keeping the information in the workplace and making sure it’s shared across your employees. The desired result is for employees to collaborate successfully to improve decision-making and help you accomplish your growth and profit targets. Have a plan in place for recognizing, recording, evaluating, and sharing your business knowledge, which should include databases, policies, and procedures, and worker expertise.

Addressing knowledge management allows you to improve organizational culture while driving more vital procedures and collaboration. It can mean that your team works more successfully together and stays focused on the task at hand in a coworking environment.

4. Work on Your Company’s Branding

Promote your company’s brand and identity in your coworking spaces since this can help build a more robust business culture while also increasing productivity and collaboration. It’s critical to enforce a strong brand identity internally in a coworking setting where you’re sharing space and resources with other firms.

5. Plan Extracurricular Activities

Extra activities such as happy hours, group fun days, and team lunches can help your team form stronger bonds outside of the workplace and boost collaboration and teamwork. Ask your staff what they’d like to do, and then assign a social organizer to plan weekly or biweekly activities away from the office.

6. Control Background Noise and Distractions

Coworking spaces provide many advantages for fostering innovation and collaboration, but if you don’t address noise and limits, they can become problems. Manage noise and distractions for your staff in a proactive manner. If noise distracts your team, encourage employees to use noise-canceling headphones.

Ensure that each employee has enough personal space and instill a culture of respect for boundaries. You can urge employees to message and double-check before approaching another team member for a discussion, for example.

7. Let Your Employees Personalize Their Workstations

Allowing employees to personalize their workspaces, like with any form of the workplace, is excellent. Photos, pot plants, cushions, and other personal belongings can lift one’s spirits and contribute to a healthy work environment. Consider additional options for accommodating your personnel.

Create Exceptional Teams in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces can help your team succeed, but good team management entails more than just offering a nice physical place. Take advantage of the community benefits of coworking spaces and continually adapt your strategy to changing needs.

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