The boom of the coworking space scene has changed the game forever. It’s allowed startups, freelancers, and small businesses to gain access to a highly-motivating environment, one that has previously been difficult to achieve. Coworking spaces are essentially shared working environments, one that deconstructs traditional office workspaces. They operate in open-plan layouts, most of which have been designed to give way to movement and flexibility. 

Here, you’ll meet some of the best and brightest, from young CEOs to freelancers, and even established businessmen. While the benefits of choosing coworking spaces are endless, you’ll want every aspect of your business to be represented by your chosen space. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you conduct your research and shortlist coworking space candidates:

Tip #1: Identify your needs 

Investing in a coworking space warrants that you identify your company’s needs and wants, which should be based on the goals of your company. These should be closely aligned with the coworking spaces you wish to invest in, as you’ll want a space that will motivate you and your team to achieve better results. 

If you need space for meetings, for instance, you’ll need to make sure that the coworking space offers extra meeting rooms to accommodate hours upon hours of meetings. You also need to ensure good internet connectivity, printers, and of course, steady access to your workspace.

Most coworking spaces also offer free coffee and biscuits, so make sure to take advantage of these types of benefits, no matter how small they may seem! For a team that works long hours and early mornings, having a coffee machine readily available will do wonders for productivity. 

Tip #2: Location matters

It’s no secret that choosing the right location is one of the most important considerations in planning for a coworking space. The location must be conducive to running your business, and it must support not only the business you’re planning to grow but also your team’s safety and wellness. 

In choosing a location for your coworking space, it’s crucial that you look for a place that’s accessible to you and your team. Getting to a coworking space in the middle of nowhere can easily stress out your team and even throw off potential clients. You may also want to consider nearby facilities, such as gyms and sports centers, particularly if you have a more health-centered company culture. 

Tip #3 – Consider the future 

Before choosing a potential coworking space, it’s also important to consider your long-term plans for the company. In the future, space might not be fit for your company anymore and might not meet your company’s needs. In this case, you might want to opt-out of signing a contract that may lock you in a certain space for a given amount of time. Some companies are dynamic and may have to break some membership agreements. Choosing a coworking space that has that in mind would be ideal for your growing business.

The Best Coworking Space in Charlotte NC

While a coworking space may be temporary, nothing comes close to waking up early to visit a great space to meet your team members. It also provides you with a sense of solidarity and accomplishment, as not all businesses are blessed with the accessibility of space. Various coworking spaces are available on the market, so make sure to choose wisely!

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