There are more freelancers in the American workforce than ever before.

freelancers at desk

Freelancing is growing. It is estimated that there are 57 million freelancers in America, according to a 2019 study. Additionally, these workers tend to be very skilled and work in highly sought after industries. What does this mean for coworking spaces?

The increase in freelancer workers comes with an increase in the need for places for these professionals to do their jobs. It is no coincidence that the rise and freelancers and the rise in coworking spaces are so closely related. A recent Forbes article speaks about this symbiotic relationship. It is estimated that 1,000 new coworking spaces opened in America, in 2018 alone. 4 million freelancers have entered the workforce since 2014.

Why is coworking perfect for this remote population of workers? While these workers don’t typically opt for a traditional office space with expensive, long term lease structuring, they do need a place to practice their professions A coffee shop just isn’t an office. Working from home is simply not a long term viable option for these skilled and motivated workers. There are too many distractions. There are not enough chances to network. That’s why freelancers are turning to coworking spaces in droves.

CoCoTiv Coworking welcomes freelancers. Our mission is to provide a space for all of our members to thrive. More importantly though, to thrive together. So, what could be a better group to add to our pool of members? Let’s take a look at what we know about who freelancers are. Highly skilled: check. Hard-working: check. Ready-made to network and partner with other businesses: CHECK. This is the ideal make up for a potential member! The desire to provide great service and partnership is directly in line with our own vision here.

45% of this working population is made up of highly skilled professionals. They provide services like IT, marketing and business consulting. This is also an ideal cross-section of workers to welcome into CoCoTiv. These are the types of services that many of our members have a need for. The benefit for everyone in this equation quickly and readily becomes apparent.

It is important to understand that not all freelancers goals and needs are the same. This variety of goals /needs is a big reason we offer many different membership options. Some have the need for private office spaces. Others prefer a dedicated desk. Some prefer a flexible desk in a traditional coworking setting. Finally, we offer freelancers the option to have a virtual office, with a professional mailing address. Our coworking offerings are flexible to help you find what you want and grow and scale here, as needed.

We provide all our members with tons of great perks. Our recently opened podcast studio gives you a unique opportunity to Enderly coffee is brewed daily and Lenny Boy kombucha is on tap. CoCoTiv is one of the few coworking spaces in Charlotte to offer free parking. We believe in the promotion of physical and mental health, so our members have access to a fully stocked fitness center. Your membership here comes with high-speed internet and 27/4 access to the building. Plus, we frequently have social events like lunches, happy hours, guest speakers and a variety of other networking events.

If you are in the rapidly growing segment of freelancing, come see how we can help you find a place to grow your business in Charlotte. CoCoTiv is committed to seeing the local business community flourish.  That’s why our amenities are always locally sourced. It’s also why our driving force is to connect local businesses with one another. Our coworking space offers the perfect launchpad for collaboration. We’d love to see you thrive here!

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