Coworking amenities have been getting more and more popular since its inception in 2005. Today, there are about 35,000 coworking spaces worldwide. Spaces for coworking are known for their unique design and open office plans and the inclusion of rooms that professionals from different fields can utilize, too.

As the infection rates for the present pandemic virus get lower, more people are working together again. In 2021, there are close to a million people using coworking spaces in the United States alone. 

It appears that such workspaces will have a massive role in what work would be like in the future. In this post, CoCoTiv will share why this is the case:

A New Generation of Professionals = A New Approach to Work

The millennial generation is spearheading a new model of business and work. A recent report states that this generation will make up nearly two-thirds of the workforce by the year 2025. It is projected that this particular generation’s work patterns will be quite different from those of previous generations. For one, millennials want a work environment that is a little closer to home, a shared collaborative working space.

Millennials are also not as interested in climbing the corporate ladder as they are interested in creating a company that they can call their own from the bottom up – more of a startup. Going back to the main idea of a place where people work, it is only natural that more millennials will be looking for work environments that are a little less formal and a little more conducive to having a good time while doing their work.

In fact, it is projected that 50 percent of this new generation will be freelancers. Instead of the standard 9-to-5 job, millennials will be looking for various opportunities that will enable them to work on their schedule and still make a living.

This is where the whole idea of coworking spaces comes in. These types of workspaces will give these freelancers and entrepreneurs a place where they can work and meet other like-minded people and professionals and discuss and share ideas if needed. On the other hand, some simply like the vibe of coworking spaces, especially when they’re allowed to have as much coffee as they can drink as they work. 

More than Just a Place for Coworking

Coworking spaces can offer more than just a place for people to work. As mentioned earlier, a huge benefit of such workspaces is that they can provide a place for this upcoming generation to work and meet. Another bonus is that such workspaces can allow people to network and hold seminars and workshops.

They can also be a place for people to discuss what is happening in the business world. This is why more millennials are gravitating towards coworking spaces. They can work and network simultaneously and save on the expenses of maintaining a place of their own.


The need for more people to work from home is also a significant factor in increasing coworking amenities. More and more people are craving a life where they can work from home or from a place where they are not confined. The idea of removing the unnecessary distractions of the workplace is certainly appealing for many people.

The environment where people can work is undoubtedly more than just a place. It is more about the people and the vibe and the general feel of the area and the space where people can work and network with other professionals in a more relaxed setting.

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