In today’s modern day and age, coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular. It’s an incredibly business-friendly environment, especially for startups or budding entrepreneurs. These communal offices have multiple benefits, such as lower overall costs.

Most coworking spaces also have conference rooms and staple office machinery, such as photocopying machines at the disposal of everyone who shares the space.

Coworking spaces can do wonders for the kind of work you do, thanks to its many amenities and benefits. But how exactly do coworking spaces positively impact your work? Read on to find out!


If you are self-employed, accountability is a huge issue since you only have yourself to report to. This is in relation to multiple factors, including financial decisions and how you spend your time. While coworking spaces are essentially a more affordable office space, they still cost effort to get there and time-sensitive funds. 

Despite the minimal amount, you will still be more likely to keep more updated records of accounts and expenses. This also applies to groups and teams. As long as you’re spending company funds, it’s almost impossible not to make the most out of it and keep records updated at the same time. 

Boost Creativity and Productivity

How many times have you taken a break from work, only to doze off into a nap that lasted too long? The truth is, no matter how productive one thinks they are at home, there are also a handful of distractions and interruptions that can hamper otherwise streamlined productivity.  A professional work environment naturally does not have any of these issues, essentially simulated in a coworking space. A change of environment can be quite inspiring, especially if you find yourself surrounded by like-minded people or your teammates. Come check out CoCoTiv, and be reminded of what an energized workplace feels like. 


A fringe benefit of being in a coworking space is that you are not alone. This could benefit you on a personal level, yes, but it also does wonders on a professional level! There is a high chance of coming across like-minded people and connecting with peers not just in your industry, but in related fields.

Team Building

An underrated part of working in an office setting is having a sense of community. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur or just happen to be the only member of your group in the area, being in a coworking space can do wonders for you. This, in turn, will bolster your mood, allowing you to have a light feeling you can carry throughout the day. Having your team all together in one space allows for immediate feedback, and sharing the same resources allows everyone to be on an equal field. 

Coworking spaces usually offer coffee as a bonus, which means that when you collectively feel like taking a breather, you’ll be able to comfortably bond outside of work responsibilities. On top of that, many spaces offer other amenities over the top of just coffee. At CoCoTiv we offer all our members Lenny Boy kombucha, as well as local craft beer on tap. 


Entrepreneurs and freelancers alike will benefit immensely from using a coworking space. As a fun bonus, the coffee is always hot, plus wifi is always fast and tech support is readily available. Even larger organizations have begun utilizing them, usually for transient workers from other areas or even excess staff that need space for projects and tasks. 

CoCoTiv is a coworking space in Charlotte, NC that welcomes creatives and businesses of all sizes. Contact us today so we can give you space for your business to grow!