Coworking spaces are emerging as the new norm for businesses as it is less sedentary compared to traditional settings, adding more flexibility and room for innovation. It caters to the new generation of workers, wherein a shared sense of economy inspires teamwork and creativity. This is why 71% of remote workers plan to return to coworking spaces

Of course, the productive-boosting environment is more of an aftereffect of good design. The decor, layout, furnishing, and available amenities need to inspire, yet meet the unique needs of a diverse group of occupants.

As mentioned above, shared spaces are built on flexibility. This means that you have the freedom to choose elements that will create a welcoming environment for all. With that in mind, the list below explores some ideas that can help you mold an inclusive workspace.

Tip #1: Experiment with Modular Designs

If you want to incorporate flexibility into your workspace fully, you need to ensure that furnishings, desks, and more can accommodate movements. Rotating desks, for instance, caters to busy-bees who want a change of pace, providing individuals the chance to open up their arrangement to welcome collaboration, or back into a more private area.

In that regard, investing in modular office design makes it possible to reconfigure parts of the set-up and promote inclusivity – no matter the needs of the person or the nature of their work.

Tip #2: Providing a Private, Collaborative Area

Coworking space is all about embracing the sense of community and collaboration you get from open-plan offices. Our floorplan was designed to foster this type of atmosphere. Still, there are instances where some groups will need a private corner away from the wide, main workstation to have better focus. This caters to start-up businesses, study groups, or anyone looking to work without any distractions.

Dedicating a small area or an entirely separate room is often the best choice, though tighter spaces can decrease interruptions by placing desks facing the wall.

Tip #3: Set a Positive Tone by Adding Touches of Greenery

The interior decor of an office has the power to set the mood of the entire workspace, which is why the color, layout, and furnishings matter when it comes to molding a positive environment. One of the most influential decorative pieces is plants, wherein touches of greenery can do wonders in boosting morale and improving concentration for the employees.

The lush colors can be a sight for sore eyes after staring at reports for hours while improving air quality can facilitate engagement and employee satisfaction.

When you walk out of the elevator onto the 4th here at CoCoTiv Coworking, the first thing you will notice is our moss wall. It not only provides a singularly unique aesthetic for our space, but it also helps out with our air quality!

The Bottom Line: Designing a Coworking Space that Promotes Productivity

The business landscape is experiencing a shift in its office design as it no longer tries to box in employees, leaving the one-size-fits-all layout to the past. Modern companies know that to thrive in this digitally-oriented world, a collaborative environment nourishes productivity in an otherwise nine-to-five set-up.

Coworking spaces are becoming the go-to choice for start-ups, small businesses, freelancers, and working professionals looking to work in a collaborative environment. What sets CoCoTiv apart from our competition is a true focus on collaboration. It’s not just something that we pay lip service to; it’s in our mission statement. It’s even part of our name. 

If you’re looking for a coworking space in Charlotte, NC, then check us out. We offer 24/7 access and a shared opportunity to work in a productive-boosting environment, so get in touch with us at to see how we can help.