The best coworking amenities and spaces today are much more than just having cutting-edge interior design. These venues include management tools and software solutions, impacting the overall coworking experience for those who use them. Facilities with seamless integrations allow facility managers to maintain spaces more efficiently, giving members access to experience the onsite services.

Using existing technology to streamline various procedures, improve member experience, and grow your workspace towards profitability helps you keep up with demand and get the best coworking amenities experience for your members and clients.

This article provides five ways that integrate innovative technology into a workspace.

1. Management of Printing Needs

In any dedicated coworking space, having access to reliable printing services is essential. Whatever your industry, being able to scan and print to a professional standard device allows you to get on with your business without having to worry about unforeseen delays, costs, or problems.

It should be as simple as pressing a button to accomplish this. It improves the flow of your day and makes you appear more professional to your customers and clients.

2. Process of Scheduling and Making Reservations

Members can schedule meeting spaces online using booking calendars or apps due to integration, allowing them to work more independently and with greater freedom. 

Members no longer need to email the office to inquire about available rooms, nor will they have to worry about forgetting to inform the receptionist that their meeting had run late. They will also be automatically charged the difference if reserved meeting space is used for a more extended period than they originally booked it for.

3. Access for Electronic Peripherals

Clients could choose to work light, bringing only what they need in their laptop bag. You might require access to a computer, a USB hub, a charging strip, or any number of other smart technology gadgets and accessories. 

It is also conceivable that your requirements will alter over time. It’s critical to understand what you require and how to obtain it with the least amount of difficulty feasible. Workstations are supported by dependable IT specialists that frequently maintain the facility’s top-of-the-line quality equipment. Different workspace spaces offer a variety of services.

Some supply all you need, while others provide space for you to fill with whatever you need, and yet others offer a combination of the two types of services you need. The most important thing is to locate a workspace that suits your needs.

4. Secure Facility

Clients desire the reassurance of security. Modern workspaces enable people to enjoy secure access to the space when they need it at different times of the day.

A robust security system and software are also essential, and camera integrations can be a great tool. This is especially important when considering the high traffic volume with members and the increased likelihood of modern workspace theft. 

The use of surveillance in conjunction with access control can allow for the recovery of real-time footage, elevating security systems to new heights.

5. High-speed Internet Connection

A productive workspace requires a reliable WiFi connection. The Wi-Fi connection must be excellent. It must be a safe connection that doesn’t fluctuate or abruptly stops. It also must be fast enough to keep up with work.

The best-shared workspaces will always have professional IT support available, as well as a great internet connection. So if something unexpected arises, you can be sure they will resolve it quickly.


Workspaces appeal to people who come and go as they want, working when convenient and adjusting their working life to fit in with their overall lifestyle choices. Fortunately, technological advancements have made this possible. 

When looking for a workspace, make sure to look into the facility’s technological capabilities where you can work and thrive. Ensure that it has all you need to work efficiently, and since you’ll be working with other people in a shared space, check if the community within creates a conducive environment for your line of work. 

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