How people work before looks completely different from today’s workplace set-up. Gone are the days of nine-to-five dullness for the working class. Slowly, we’re starting to notice a shift in the corporate lifestyle where desks and cubicles are being replaced with shared workspaces that allow more fluidity and flexibility. 

Thanks to coworking spaces, companies — big or small — understand the importance of team collaboration and can successfully do this in shared workspaces. Besides that, coworking spaces allow businesses to hold offsite meetings, training sessions, team gatherings, and client meetings, making it a modern office culture far from the traditional way of working. 

Fortunately, offsite meetings and coworking in Charlotte, NC, are accessible thanks to CoCoTiv. At CoCoTiv, you can easily book a meeting space while giving you full access to lounges and cafes in the establishment. 

Nowadays, there are countless options for on-demand meeting and conference rooms that successfully fill in professionals’ needs. In this article, we’ll share with you the benefits of offsite meetings and coworking in conference rooms. Besides that, we’ll help you choose one that works for you and your team!

Personalized and Professional Service

Before the birth of coworking spaces and shared economy, business owners and professionals would book local hotel conference rooms for their meeting needs. However, hotel conference spaces are often tailored for large-scale events and require a minimum in food orders. 

Thankfully, with coworking spaces, community managers can help set up meetings fit for your business’s needs and requirements. They’ll help you choose the right room size, the equipment you’ll need, and even assist you with catering options. 

Cost-Effective Rental Rates

The great thing about renting conference and meeting rooms in coworking spaces in Charlotte, NC, like CoCoTiv, is that we provide access for minimal costs. This means that you’ll get to choose an option that fits your needs and only pay what is needed. 

Additionally, you’d be happy to know that although coworking spaces have affordable room rentals, they are still fully equipped with projectors, Smart TVs, and whiteboards to ensure that you have the best meeting experience. However, be sure to ask about your rent inclusions so you won’t have to pay extra for the use of the features. 

Keeping Things Private

One of the reasons professionals choose to have offsite meetings and conferences is because meeting spaces allow privacy. This means that distractions are minimized, and sensitive information is kept private. 

This is especially valuable if business leaders and entrepreneurs work from home; renting a meeting room allows you to meet with clients and customers in a private and professional environment. 

Easy Access and Easy Scheduling

Another awesome advantage of coworking spaces is that their online tools and management make it incredibly easy to schedule rooms and access amenities. There are also times when all you need to do is to go to their website, choose the room you wish to book, schedule it on their calendar, and pay for it in a few clicks. 

At CoCoTiv, hosting offsite meetings is made easy for you because of our accessible facilities, seamless scheduling, and available parking. Besides that, our managers will welcome you warmly to our space, making you want to host all your meetings and gatherings with us!

The Bottom Line: Step Out of the Box and Try Booking Meeting and Conference Rooms in Coworking Spaces

Sometimes, going out of the ordinary is exactly what you need for that much-needed productivity boost. And because of the many benefits professionals get from renting meeting and conference rooms in coworking spaces in Charlotte, NC, like CoCoTiv, you’ll want to hop on the train and experience the advantages yourself!

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