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About 54 Brands
Since founded as Burris, Creech & Tuttle in 1985, our
company has changed as the needs of our clients, our
staff, the market, and the industry have evolved. We’ve
stayed nimble because in this business you have to.
No surprise, then, that today, 54 Brands is a different entity
than it’s ever been before.
We are not an advertising agency, full service or otherwise.
We provide all of the services the behemoth agencies offer,
just not under one roof. Now more than ever we represent
an idea company. We are a strategic communications
resource for brands that seek fresh thinking to fuel continuous growth.
At their best our ideas populate more than a company’s current communications. At
their most productive, big ideas define—or sometimes redefine—a brand’s overall
What we do best at 54 Brands, what we love doing most, and what we’re best
equipped to deliver to our customers are new ways of thinking and doing
business, different approaches to the “same-old, same-old,” bringing fresh eyes
for watching and open ears for listening … and, often, a fresh voice for