If you are a freelance or home-based worker, or if your company has not yet ordered you to come back to the office, a coworking space is a viable option for you. This cozy environment is specifically designed to be conducive to work, and it can help you and your team become more productive. If you find the right place, you will enjoy fast Wi-Fi connections, great coffee, and complete facilities to help you stay motivated. 

Whether it is your first time or you have been an avid coworking space customer, starting again after so many months (or maybe years for some) can be tricky again. Before you rush and realize that you forget to bring the essentials when you are there, here is a coworking space checklist you can refer to. 

The Must-Haves When Going to a Co-Working Space

Your Work Machine and Its Charger

Whether you use a laptop or an iPad for work, it is the number one thing you should have in your bag. Make sure to bring your charger with you. Doublecheck to confirm that you got the correct one for your unit. Or else, you will end up with interrupted work. 

Although you will likely find good people from the coworking space willing to lend their charger with you, the last thing you would want is to disturb someone else while they are working.

Your Phone and Phone Charger

Other than the computer, the next gadget you need every day is your mobile phone. It is the fastest way to do essential things such as make and take a call, message someone, and take photos and videos. Since you will be using this device frequently, make sure to also bring your charger with you. 

A Good Pair of Headphones

No one wants to bother other people, especially if the distraction comes from your noisy devices. Keeping quality headphones with you will make everything better. You can keep your noise to a minimum level and still do the things you usually would, such as listening to your favorite tunes or watching work-related videos.

Your Favorite Snacks

If you are lucky, your go-to coworking space should provide you with snack and drink options, but there is also nothing wrong with bringing your favorite snacks (if the establishment allows it). 

Doing this can help you save time from thinking about what to eat next or going out to buy a meal. Your food is within reach, helping you stay focused on what you are doing. Most coworking spaces also come with microwave ovens to help you heat your meal. 

Your Water Bottle

Although most coworking spaces are clean and fully furnished, bringing your water bottle is still better and safer. Doing so will allow you to get as much water you need for the day. Furthermore, it keeps you safe while a pandemic is still ongoing.

Oral Hygiene Essentials

You would want to clean your mouth after munching on your lunch or gulping down your coffee. That way, you can confidently smile when a person approaches you. 

Copies of Your Business Card

You know how important networking is. If there is a place where you can find like-minded professionals, the coworking space is one of them. Make sure you always have a copy of your business card with you. That way, you have something to give should you find someone worth networking with. 


Working somewhere conducive that is not the home is a dream of many. Congratulations on finally doing it again after a long time. May this article help ensure that you have what you need on your first adventure outdoors. 

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