Do you want a solution to create a far better world than we are in right now? Be open-minded!

One can be open-minded by accepting new ideas into their lives, giving it great consideration to see how it can affect them. This is something that you must do when it comes to coworking—an idea that’s revolutionizing how people work—and it is only in this that you can truly prosper and climb the ladder to success!

That said, coworking spaces have had their fair share of myths that have caused many to ignore or outright avoid such spaces for their work. Unfortunately, this has caused such individuals to miss out on many advantages only found in coworking spaces!

Wondering what these myths are? We are going to share them with you today and expose each myth:

Myth 1. Coworking spaces are all one and the same

When looking at coworking spaces, you may think that they’re all the same across the board and offer the same benefits. However, coworking spaces not only come in different shapes and sizes but even uses! 

For instance, conventional coworking spaces replicate the traditional office sense because they offer a generalized space to satisfy a wide audience. On the other hand, industry-specific coworking spaces offer tools and equipment for working in specific industries! As such, the latter is more geared towards those who have special needs, while the former is for general professionals who simply need a space to work in.

Myth 2. Coworking spaces are only for freelancers

Sure, coworking spaces have had plenty of freelancers drop by to do work. However, such spaces aren’t built only for freelancers. Small business owners have found plenty of success in coworking spaces, meaning that many such professionals also use coworking spaces to do their work. Even massive corporations have realized the benefits that coworking spaces had to offer, setting up such spaces for their workers to work in! 

Simply put, you do not have to be a freelancer or only plan to be one when you work at a coworking space.

Myth 3. Coworking spaces are filled with distractions

When people picture coworking space, they think of open offices where people constantly talk to one another. This can understandably be incredibly distracting for many; however, this isn’t the case with such office setups. 

Many coworking spaces have set rules to maintain peace and quiet for a productive environment. As if that isn’t enough, coworking spaces have also built dedicated office spaces to give that traditional office experience that many people want! Plus, if anything were to get out of hand, you can report the culprits to the managers to deal with the issue. 

This is a type of control or freedom you do not have in traditional offices. In a coworking space, you can pick the type of desk or area you want to work in and control the amount of interaction you have with others!


From claims that clients will not take you seriously if you work in a coworking space to the argument that it is the same as a traditional office, all of these are nothing more than myths about this work setup. Coworking spaces are one of the best places you can ever find yourself to work in. Not only is it much more affordable than paying for your own private building, but it provides you with opportunities not available anywhere else, such as creating strong connections with those around you along with simply having an environment that motivates productivity!

That being said, before you pick any coworking space to work in, be sure to do your research to pick one that fits your needs. This way, you can head to your office space knowing that you are ready to tackle any business needs you may have, keeping you and your clients or customers happy.

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