Now that the State of North Carolina has lifted the “Stay at Home Order”, CoCoTiv will start preparing the 4th and 7th Floor for Re-Opening this week. As previously stated, our Number One priority is to insure the Health and Safety of our Members & Employees. In order to provide a Safe Environment that meets and exceeds CDC Guidelines, new policies will be enforced. We understand that some of these guidelines may be an inconvenience in the short term; however, we want all of you to have a comfort level when you elect to return to work.


COCOTIV STAFF: Jessica and Liz will be back to work on Monday working reduced hours the week of May 11th as they prepare the space for daily usage.

MEMBER ACCESS: Essential and Private Office members only. Until we can provide Safety Shields/Dividers for the Open and Dedicated Desks this area will be closed. We are having prototypes produced that will be retrofitted into our existing desks to provide proper and additional protection.

MEMBER HEALTH: Members may not enter CoCoTiv if feeling sick or running a fever. In addition, if you have been exposed to a known carrier of Covid-19, you would not be allowed to return for a minimum of 14 days.

CLEANING: Daily Cleaning and disinfecting of the space will continue as it has throughout the shutdown which includes all surface cleaning, i.e., door handles, elevator buttons, water fountains, counters, and all other high touch surfaces. Grubb Properties will be issuing a separate statement outlining the additional cleaning and building policies that will be sent to all Building Tenants this week covering lobby and elevator safety.

HAND SANITIZING: CoCoTiv will be installing touch-free Hand Sanitizers in the lounge area that Members will be required to use before dispensing coffee, Bevi Water, Kombucha, and Beer.

MASKS: We would ask all Members to wear masks outside their offices. If you do not have one, CoCoTiv will provide you with a reusable cotton mask.

GLOVES: CoCoTiv’s Community Managers will wear latex gloves when cleaning or delivering mail. Extra gloves will be made available to Members if requested. Social Distancing: Please respect and practice the 6 foot Social Distancing whenever possible. Any office with two or more people would be asked to also practice social distancing.

LOUNGE AREA: All Members are to use disposable paper cups for all dispensed drinks, and to use hand sanitizers before touching any machines. We will provide plastic disposable cutlery and plates. If you elect to use your own dishes and silverware, please do not leave in the sink. Signage will be posted as a reminder. Chairs have been removed from tables only allowing two people 6’ apart.

SNACK MACHINE: Please inform Community Manager after using so we can wipe down the machine.Printers: If any special needs are needed or paper needs to be added, please inform the Community Manager so they can assist.

PHONE ROOMS: Please inform Community Managers after use so they can disinfect and wipe down door handles.Meeting Rooms: Meetings will be closed to outside groups until further notice. Any meetings booked for Essential Members will be required to practice Social Distancing and chairs will be removed to ensure proper distancing.

HVAC SYSTEM: Our building was installed with state of the art Daiken HVAC Systems on both floors. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed guidance for building owners to practice with respect to the operation and maintenance of HVAC systems which Grubb Properties has implemented for protection against Covid-19.

GUESTS: Only Essential classified guests will be allowed to enter and will be required to practice social distancing.

Member, guest, and employee safety will always be our number one priority when reopening and going forward at CoCoTiv Coworking.

While this continues to be unchartered territory for all of us, CoCoTiv Coworking will continue to take proactive steps to ensure your Health and Well Being. We will reevaluate these guidelines on a weekly basis, and make corrections as needed. As always, if you have suggestions on how we can provide you additional protection, please let us know! On behalf of all of us at CoCoTiv, we thank you for your continued support and commitment to make CoCoTiv Coworking more than just a place to work, but a place to thrive.


John H. Vieregg

Managing Partner