If you are looking for shared office space, you should know that not all coworking setups are the same. Just because it’s a shared office doesn’t mean that you should not have standards or that you should settle for less—that’s simply not the best decision to make for any business! You can still find the right space for your needs if you know the qualities of the area you’re looking for, even when choosing a coworking setup.

In this article, we’ll tell you the mistakes you should avoid when looking for your office space. These are the oversights other shared co-space tenants failed to take into consideration ahead. Learn these flaws and keep them in mind as you do your office space hunt.

Mistake #1: Not having a list of company requirements

When finding an office space, the first thing you should look for is if it matches with the work culture of your business. What are the activities your employees need to do their jobs? Will they require a bigger space? Will your employees need privacy? Do they need a quiet space? Does your work involve a 24/7 function? 

If you don’t have a clear picture of the right office your company needs, then your office hunt would lead to failure. Before going out, list down at least the top three priorities or non-negotiables for your office space. It will help limit your hunt and ensure you find the perfect spot that all your workers need. 

Mistake #2: Not studying your chosen space

Remember that all coworking spaces are a commercial property and that just because you’re renting it out doesn’t mean you’d have all the peace you need. 

Find out everything you need to know about your preferred building. Identify whether there are networking events held there or any forms of community interaction and assess if you’re willing to join any of them. Check if these events are aligned with your business goals or requirements. The main goal is to prevent any problems in the future, especially if you clash with the tenants already on site!

Mistake #3: Not considering the location

Budget is an important consideration, but so is the location! You may find a low-cost shared office, but you’d have to endure constant noise throughout the day because it is located right next to the busy road. It’s not an ideal place if your office needs a quiet time to take on client or customer calls. 

Besides ensuring that the location would be beneficial for your employees, you also need to leave a good impression on your clients. Having an office set in a functional area can do that for you, so choose wisely!

Mistake #4: Not reading through the lease terms or asking questions

Examining your contract should be basic knowledge, but not all people read the terms and agreements of their papers. That is not a healthy choice, especially when committing to lease space for a long time. 

Apart from reading through your contract, make sure that you understand how long the rental would be. It is also better to ask for trial months to gauge if the office works for you before settling down there for good. 

You should also ask if there are other charges you need to pay, apart from the space rental. For example, you may want to increase the bandwidth of your internet connection or use an extra room in the future. You should know how much they’d cost in advance so you can consider them in your budget later on.

Mistake #5: Forgetting to ask about the amenities and facilities of the space

Before signing up, you need to make sure of which amenities or building facilities you can access as a space renter. Knowing the areas included in your contract can help you assess whether your payment fee is reasonable. 


A shared office space does not mean you should dream less or not consider having the ideal space you aspire to have. A shared office is still an office, and it should provide you with the best working environment you can have to perform your job well. Keep these mistakes in mind and try to avoid them when looking for your future office space.

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