Here’s The Deal With Shared Office Spaces In Charlotte.

Charlotte Market Overview

Flexing their muscles – top 15 final


The coworking scene here has an opportunity to nearly triple. The local economic landscape and the national averages for coworking spaces as discussed below illuminate why it’s such and exciting time to be a part of a coworking space, and especially a locally oriented one, like CoCoTiv.

First, let’s take a look at where we are at as a market for office space, and flexible office spaces in the Charlotte market. The Charlotte office shared space office scene clocks in at 1.7% of the total office space available in the city. Compare that to 5% market share as a nationwide average. This paints a clear picture for the growth opportunity for shared workspaces. And, it’s why ranks The Queen City as one of the top 15 primed for growth in the sector. The population of Charlotte continues to see steady growth. Therefore, the demand for coworking space will rise to accommodate the influx of new businesses and employees.


shared office space 7th floor cocotiv
New 7th Floor Shared Office Space at CoCoTiv

Here at CoCoTiv, we can attest to this trend. Our 4th floor is at 100% capacity for private offices and is brimming with members using our shared office space options. Our growth isn’t just limited to people, either.  In addition to new members, we just recently opened our new 7th floor (1 month ago) and already nearly at 60% capacity. However, there are still plenty of shared office spaces available and we are taking new members all the time. Come take a tour of our new space to see why.

Flexible Office Spaces. Flexible Options.

Above all else, we believe competition is good. We welcome competition in the shared office spaces in Charlotte. This benefits us, and you! In other sectors, where there are two to three large players dominating the space, choice is limited. The customer is shoe horned into an option that perhaps doesn’t suit their needs. Further, competition drives us to be the best we can be for our members, everyday.

member event with speaker at shared office space
Member Seminar

With the many shared office spaces in Charlotte available for the workforce, we pride ourselves on standing out. CoCoTiv is one of the only coworking company that offers free parking- safe, secure and on site. Forget walking two blocks in the rain or heat, and leaving your car in sitting in a public lot downtown. Also, we offer a host of great local amenities. These include: Enderly coffee, Lenny Boy Kombucha, Local Craft Beers and a Bevi beverage machine on each of our floor.

We host many great in house events, lunches, networkings events and happy hours. These are often stocked by our friends at Roots Catering or other amazing local vendors.

Finally, our one of a kind CoTivation group offers allows us to put action behind collaboration, where other companies simply give it lip service. CoTivation is a Mastermind group that takes place in a Coworking setting.  It’s an accountability group that meets weekly for a 6 to 8 week period of time so members can set goals, troubleshoot, and share successes. And for members who are looking to take their business education to the next level, we offer a great tuition discount at Pfeiffer University, here in the building.

To sum it all up, it’s a great time to involved in the shared office space sector in Charlotte. And, and even better time to get your business into one. We are growing a reasonable, scalable rate, that ensures CoCoTiv’s long term stability in the coworking marketplace.

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