How important are wellness spaces? In the US, a full-time employee on average works 37.5 hours per week. While most countries have laws setting the maximum length of the workweek, the country has no legally mandated annual leave. It also does not offer guaranteed paid vacation. As a result, many workers spend most of their time glued to their seats, typing away and struggling to cope with burnout and stress. 

The Truth about Stress and Burnout

It’s no surprise that most of the stress that adults experience comes from work. Unfortunately, despite spending 60-70 percent of adult life at work or thinking about work, not everyone realizes the serious implications of this problem when it comes to their health.

In reality, no matter how much a person loves their job, they can eventually feel overwhelmed and suffer from a seemingly endless work stress cycle. This is because multiple factors can cause a significant decline in their physical and mental health. For instance, countless meetings, multiple emails, and unforeseen job tasks can become stressors that lead to a work overload, leaving them feeling helpless when they fail to achieve their desired work-life balance. 

The Importance of Wellness

Workers spend an average of at least one-third of their day working. While many now enjoy the convenience that a work-from-home or hybrid work arrangement brings, chances are they are likely typing away for countless hours at a computer, which is naturally draining. Thankfully, they can escape their everyday stressors by prioritizing wellness.

Before the pandemic started, many employees were able to enjoy wellness programs offered by their companies. But since a work-from-home or hybrid work arrangement is now being implemented, and not everyone has easy and safe access to wellness centers, many workers have difficulty taking care of their health. The good news is that there are shared office spaces that promote wellness among all kinds of workers.

Wellness Spots in Coworking Spaces

A typical office is filled with cubicles. Imagine spending most of the time stuck in that box. Because of this dreary ambiance, many workers are compelled to step out of the office just to take a break and immerse themselves in a different environment. This is completely normal, common, and even healthy. 

In an effort to nurture wellness, companies offer fitness programs in the workplace. However, they often focus only on physical health. When it comes to overall well-being, having wellness spaces is more beneficial. 

This is why coworking facilities offer multiple rooms with designated purposes strategically designed to meet specific needs. For example, lounge areas are designated solely for collaborating, conversing, or spending quality time with coworkers. Meanwhile, a coffee bar is meant for employees’ energy reboot or relaxation. These spots boost productivity and creativity, uplift mood, and increase focus.


Due to the many companies’ work culture where productivity is prioritized and free time is often frowned upon, many workers are left struggling to care for their health. Now more than ever, everyone has to realize that workplace wellness is crucial. By choosing a coworking space that implements wellness spaces within its facility, employees can take care of their well-being while staying productive during these difficult times. 

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