How does coworking fit in with networking? Good business starts with good connections. People are the very foundation and are a big part of the reason that a brand finds success at all, placing utmost importance in investing time and effort to simultaneously improve and widen your network. The digital space on the internet is a great way to find professionals and other business owners, but there’s also a real-life way to do that.

Going into a coworking space to meet new people and forge relationships is a great way to expand your reach in person. It also gives you a chance to get to know other businesses that could help your own. Here are a couple of techniques you can implement amid coworking:

Start Conversations

To have those connections, it all begins with a simple conversation. A good gesture such as offering a cup of coffee and asking how they are can quickly develop your relationship with someone you’re coworking with. You get to learn about who you’re talking to, ask questions about their craft, and have a stimulating discussion with them.  A long relationship can start with a simple hello. 

Share a Desk With People

Being in a coworking space provides a great opportunity for you to work side by side with some of the best freelancers and employees. Taking a glance at how they work and focus on completing their tasks can inspire you on how to do your own. 

For example, seeing a great software program being used by a web developer can be a chance at interaction. You could also compare what nature of work each one is in and make a deal about exchanging services so that both parties can benefit. 

Show Your Passions

Aside from just taking away things from a conversation and encounter with a person you’re coworking with, remember to offer something on the table too. When they have questions, openly answer and go into detail to let them fully understand your reply.

Even unprompted, you can also share your passion with these coworkers. Letting them know such interests and related experiences because of this can help them better relate and connect with you not just as a business owner but also as a person.

Hold a Workshop

You can discuss with the management behind a coworking place about potentially holding a free workshop there. Organizing and allowing people there to attend makes your business a little more known amongst other professionals. It will also be an excellent opportunity to see people in different fields attend and wonder about doing the same for their own craft.

Visit Others’ Events

When someone hosts a workshop or event, and you get invited, always put it on the calendar. Providing support will be appreciated by a coworker, and they may just return the favor by promoting your brand even further. It’ll also be an excellent time to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. We believe that the stronger our ecosystem is, the better it is for everyone. That’s always been part of our mission here at CoCoTiv.


Following these techniques can provide you with a really good network and get the word out about you and your brand. And, who knows, you might find your next employee or brand partner at a coworking space!

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