Most people think that working from home is the smart, economical option for small businesses or single proprietor operations. Office space is too expensive, right? Not with CoCoTiv Coworking. We’re changing the way Charlotte thinks about coworking.

Let’s take a look at the real cost of working from home versus a membership at CoCoTiv Coworking.

There are countless hidden costs – and not just costs you can see on a ledger sheet- associated with working from your house, or even worse- a coffee shop. For instance, the average cost of a cup of coffee from national chains is $3. This study reports that the average American spends $1,100 on coffee alone. Subtracting the cost of coffee from the Flex Desk price of a CoCoTiv membership, it will only cost you roughly $130 dollars a month to have access to all our amenities (all the coffee you can drink- plus sparkling water, kombucha and local craft beers!).

cocotiv coffee mugs on a wall

Now let’s talk about what you’re missing out on when you work from home. Above all, networking is one of the most crucial components of any good business. The benefits are endless and can help start, grow and maintain your operation for years to come. CoCoTiv offers you face to face interactions with other local businesses in a professional environment, perfectly suited for collaboration. Working from home may not carry an additional cost. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t costing you anything.

coworking members discussing business

Most importantly, let’s address the biggest issue- productivity in the workplace. Or, lack thereof. It is often hard to separate work-work from home-work at your house. First, you’ll just pop over and do the dishes real fast. Second, now you realize the counters are dirty. Finally, the drawers aren’t organized. All of a sudden it’s 2 hours later and you haven’t touched that stack of work on the kitchen table. In addition, accountability is difficult while working from home. Research suggests that people who work from a coworking location are more productive because of the high energy, creative, like minded environment they are surrounded by.

In conclusion, taking into account outside costs for amenities, the potential for lost revenue due to lack of networking and the additional potential for lost revenue do to distractions and productivity issues, the answer is clear.

The costs associated with becoming a member of CoCoTiv Coworking are GREATLY offset by the benefits we provide.

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