Today, the sharing economy stands as one of the most significant tenets of the modern business landscape and everyday lives that people live because of how widespread and applicable it is.

Thanks to the advent of different names, such as Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, that have all redefined the way service-based economies work, the way we all live our lives now has changed for the better. Within just a decade, industries have seen their fair share of different transformations as more opportunities for sharing become applicable as constant evolution takes place.

With the development in question making its presence well-known in shared kitchens, rental spaces, ridesharing operations, and other similar applications, it pays to become more aware of what this all means for consumers. From the way we get from point A to point B to the places we eat at, sharing has made things far more cost-friendly, and it has also optimized systems to work to our advantage.

Among the different facets of our daily lives and routines that have seen tremendous developments with the sharing economy’s rise, workspaces seem to have benefited the most.

What is the sharing economy all about?

The best way to define the sharing economy is that it’s a peer-to-peer based economic model that revolves around the process of taking one person’s asset and lending it to another.

With this system, those who own assets or service capabilities that are needed by consumers use the sharing economy to provide access to their assets on an ad-hoc basis. With this arrangement, both parties get to benefit greatly because the owner earns money from their listed asset, and the consumer gains access to the asset for a much lower cost than if they had to purchase it themselves. 

A rising development to take note of

As offices seek to cut costs without sacrificing efficiency and convenience, the idea of investing and moving to a co-working space (such as CoCoTiv in Charlotte, NC) becomes increasingly attractive by the day.

Today, it isn’t uncommon to see a co-working space right around the corner because they’ve been popping up a lot, thanks to growing demand and a constant desire to rework business spaces. Coming in alongside the rise of the sharing economy itself, these creative approaches to workplaces seek to rid the world of impractical arrangements, excessive fees, and space-wasting contract stipulations. 

The value of co-working spaces

When it comes to understanding the value of moving to a co-working space, it’s worth taking note of the different benefits that you can reap from the experience that it provides. If you are thinking of signing up at CoCoTiv for membership but are unsure of whether or not you’d like to proceed, here are three benefits that will convince you to do so: 

Benefit #1: It is a cost-effective workspace solution

The biggest benefit of setting up an office in a co-working space is that it’s a fairly inexpensive alternative that can help keep your operations well-funded even as you spend more hours in the office every month. With a co-working space, you won’t have to worry about costly factors, such as cleaning or maintenance, because the monthly payment you make covers various expenses like cleaning and utilities! 

Benefit #2: It doesn’t legally entangle tenants

As opposed to standard leasing arrangements, opting for a co-working space is just like a membership. With CoCoTiv’s plans, you can keep paying for as long as you need the space itself and leave anytime you don’t need or can’t afford it anymore! 

Benefit #3: It makes it easier to network conveniently

In our co-working spaces, you’ll be exposed to different businesses in various industries that have something special to offer when you cross paths with them. Thanks to the experience that combines communal living with a professional business setting, you’ll be able to talk to various professionals with different sets and levels of expertise to aid in your growth!


As the sharing economy becomes more widespread than ever and seeks to transform everyday lives, workspaces are undergoing a significant transformation that will allow them to become more beneficial with the same system. Whether you’re looking for a new place to work in or want convenience without high costs as you improve your professional career, there’s no doubt that a co-working space will always be your best bet!

When it comes to premier co-working locations in Charlotte, CoCoTiv has got you covered. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the different packages that we have on offer!