Take a look at the Top 5 Best Coworking Amenities our Members love about CoCoTiv.

wide angle view of cocotiv coworking

Free Parking

We might as well start with one of the best coworking amenities we offer. CoCoTiv Coworking offers all it’s members FREE parking. Parking in Charlotte may not be as expensive as New York (thank goodness). But, we do still rank as the 18th most expensive city in America. At $7 per hour, on a 40 hour work week, that translates to $1,120 dollars a month! Sure, most people pay monthly. Assuming that’s actually available. Ask your friends who work in SouthEnd how that’s going right now…

Still, Charlotte monthly parking averages $160. That’s almost $2,000 just to park for work.  And, forget leaving your car in a public lot three blocks away. CoCoTiv’s parking is not just free- it’s also onsite, safe and secure.

Utilities and Furniture

new cocotiv office space

Your office is ready for you “out of the box”. At a traditional office space, you not only have to pay the rent,  but you have to furnish your office and pay the utility bills yourself. We take care of those details here. Your office comes ready to work, but we love seeing the style each of our unique members bring to their space.

Our new 7th floor space is fully furnished with Knoll Furniture. Additionally, our members enjoy fiber internet and WiFi. Business internet costs anywhere from $50 to $250 a month, with installation costs up to $600. Add that into the cost of paying electric, water, gas etc. and the value proposition of being a member at CoCoTiv is quite hard to ignore.

Networking and CoTivation

cocotiv event guests

Almost every coworking spot touts its community and networking opportunities. But, not every coworking spot is so dedicated to that goal that it’s part of their mission statement and IN THE NAME! We get asked a lot what CoTivation is. We define it as “a Mastermind group that takes place in a Coworking setting.

It’s an accountability group that meets weekly for a 6 to 8 week period of time. It lets our members set goals, troubleshoot, and share successes.” We find our members are one of the best coworking amenities we offer.  Plus, we have guest speakers and educational events for our members on a weekly and monthly basis.

 Local Coffee, Kombucha and Beer

kitchen area with best coworking amenities

Our members enjoy starting their day with a cup of Enderly coffee. Catch up with your officemates over a cup. Find out what’s been happening with them and learn about the possibilities of working on something together.

If coffee (somehow) isn’t your thing, energize yourself with kombucha from Lenny Boy. It’s delicious and healthy, and our members can’t get enough of Charlotte’s favorite brewer. If neither of these is for you, both our floors are equipped with a Bevi water dispenser.

And finally… good day, bad day, commiserate or celebrate, we have beer! We keep local beer on tap so you can unwind after all the things the day has thrown at you. We believe the best coworking amenities are local. As an independent, local business ourselves, we understand the value of supporting Charlotte’s own.

Free Fitness Center

fitness center for members

One of the unspoken benefits of a coworking space is increased mobility throughout the day. Everyone knows the negative health impacts correlating to prolonged sitting. Our space is designed, both in form and function, to encourage members to get up and move around it.

For those members who choose to take their health goals to the next level, CoCoTiv offers free access to a top of the line fitness center. Physical health is tied closely with mental health, and our fitness center offering is just one more way we seek to help everyone of our members thrive.